Zeus' Thunderbolt is an organisation in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour. Founded by the ambitious Agito Makishima, Zeus' Thunderbolt operates as a resistance movement against the new world order established by Cronos. In the early days of the movement, the organisation consisted primarily of un-optimized humans who were dissatisfied with Cronos' rule over the world. However, Cronos has continued developing newer and deadlier Zoanoids while Zeus' Thunderbolt was forced to rely on standard weapons that had been rendered obsolete since Cronos' conquest. Agito himself, possessing a Guyver, was originally the group's only truly effective weapon against the Zoanoids, but that changed after Agito raided Cronos Headquarters in Arizona, abducting the scientist Dr. Alfredo Hekkaring and recruiting him to develop a new breed of Zoanoids known as the Libertus. As well as the Libertus, Zeus' Thunderbolt also has Griselda, a proto-Zoalord who guides the Libertus in battle.

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