A wyvern is a type of winged reptilian beast similar to a dragon in appearance, though it only has two legs whereas dragons have four. They have appeared as symbols in English heraldry and have appeared frequently in modern times in a number of fantasy-based literary works and roleplay games such as Dungeons & Dragons.


Wyverns are not magically inclined the way dragons are, nor are they sentient. They are, however, highly ferocious and strong and exceptional hunters. While some sources state wyverns to be capable of breathing fire, this is not necessarily the case. However, wyverns are highly venomous and can deliver a deadly poison via their fangs or the barbs on the ends of their tails. It is possible for humanoids to domesticate wyverns, but usually this can only be accomplished with wyverns raised by humans from birth.

Appearances Edit

Video Games Edit

  • Dungeons & Dragons

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