Wretch amnesia
The Wretch is the first enemy encountered in Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, and plays a similar role to the Servant Grunts of the first game. They appear in large numbers later in the game, including a Nest of Wretchs later on.


The Wretch appears to be a quadruped, with a hunched over posture. The head and body seem to be of pig in origin, with human-like limbs. All parts of the Wretch's body are crudely misshapen and connected with leather straps and sewing.


The Wretch's behavior is almost childlike. During the events of the game, Mandus comes across Wretches playing. One can be seen playing with building blocks and repeatedly knocking them over, while another can be seen sitting in the far corner of a cell. When approached, this Wretch will charge, only to slip and fall.

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