A seated watcher

Watchmen, also known as Watchers, are a breed of mutant in the Metro 2033 series. These mutants are are believed to be the adult version of lurkers, though any definite link between the two creatures is unknown. They are known to attack in packs and are believed to be descended from either rats or wolves. Unlike lurkers and nosalises, the watchmen prefer to live on the surface, rather than in the metro tunnels.


Watchmen have grey fur and a pink tale, like a rat. However, their legs are similar to those of a wolf. A watcher's mouth is very odd, as it is angled upward and sunken into the face, similar to the face of a pug dog. A pair of phalanges adjoin either side of the mouth and have some teeth lining the lower edge. These are probably used to give the watcher a greater surface area when biting, or to amplify its howls. Also like a rat, they can easily stand on their hind legs. They have a dewclaw (rear toe), another feature missing from rats and mice.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

  • Howl - Watchers have earned the (unofficial) nickname of howlers by players because of their distinctive howl. This serves as a call to nearby watchers that prey is nearby, but also as a warning that they are about to attack.
  • Cautious - Watchers will generally avoid wide-open spaces for fear of the demons. Same goes for buildings, as this is the slimeslug's domain.
  • If the watchers truly are adult lurkers, than they have given up some of the strengths of their young, including stealth and tunneling.

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