Rubber Tyrant (T-091)
The T-091 was an experimental Tyrant prototype developed using the T+G viral strain, a mutagen created by fusing the T-virus, T-antibodies and the G-virus. Though the finished product was capable of combat, the results of the experimentation proved disappointing. The T+G virus failed to produce a bio-electrical current, as was expected of it. The creature's heart also protruded from its back, making it vulnerable from behind. Unlike other Tyrants, the T-091 had no claws; its arms split off into several long tentacles that could whip or strangle enemies, even impale them. The T-091 appears in Resident Evil: Dead Aim as one of the many B.O.W.'s controlled by former Umbrella scientist turned terrorist, Morpheus D. Duvall. It was killed by US STRATCOM agent Bruce McGivern.

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