The Thingy is a creature that appears in the Trap Door episode "The Thingy". The beast isn't seen in its entirety as it does not fully emerge from the Trap Door, but it appears to be a massively swollen head with beady yellow eyes, flapping rounded ears and covered in warts. The head is surrounded by many small quivering tentacles. The Thingy is also one of the few Trap Door monsters to possess a supernatural power.

In the episode "The Thingy", this monster bursts out of the Trap Door right after Berk has just nailed it shut. The Thingy then goes about amusing itself by firing strange magical bolts from its eyes that change Berk's shape and size, turning him tall, squat, reducing him to the size of a bug, turning him into a giant worm and even a puddle of slime. Drutt and Boni also fall victim to the Thingy's bizarre power, but everybody turns back to normal when the monster disappears back down the Trap Door of its own accord.

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