The Rake


The Rake consuming a victim's remains

The Rake is a creature, believed to be an alien, of whom little is known. It attacks humans, and often causes them to commit suicide. The Rake usually makes his appearances during night time, as to whether it is a nocturnal hunter or it uses the darkness for cover is unknown. The first account of the Rake's existence was a mariner's log written in 1691, shown below:

"He came to me in my sleep. From the foot of my bed I felt a sensation. He took everything. We must return to England. We shall not return here at the request of the Rake."

Eyewitness accountsEdit

The next account, written in the 1800s, described the Rake as having hollow eyes. Next, was a suicide note written in 1964, where the author claims to have commited suicide due to repeated encounters with the Rake. Currently, the most complete tale of the Rake was written in 2006. The tale the writer told, begins with her waking her husband up, believing him to be in the toilet and so attempted to take the sheets back. As he turned to look to her, he saw the Rake at the foot of the bed and, in his fear, the husband curled up in the fetal position. After a few moments of this, in one fast motion the Rake scurried to the husband's side of the bed, and stared at the woman's husband, then ran into the children's room. It fled when the couple approached shortly after it entered the room, leaving the mangled body of their daughter, who's last words were "He is the Rake". While rushing his daughter to hospital, the husband drove into a lake, drowning the two of them.


The Rake is commonly described as looking like a naked man, or hairless dog, with it's spine bent as if it had been hit by a car. It is usually a pale grey and has hollow eyes as mentioned before. Oddly enough, some people report it as being a more sandy color, perhaps because of the recent devouring of a victim. Also, some witnesses say it has claw-like fingers, and some say it's hands are normal, like a human's.

The Rake is believed to be associated with two other creatures, Slender Man and HABIT, through the EverymanHYBRID Youtube series. It's association with the Slender Man is believed to be an enemy of the creature, as it retreats whenever he is near in the series. The relationship with HABIT is different, in that it seems to enforce the rules of the Seven Trials of HABIT. 

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