The expressionless (centre), being restrained by one of her victims and the survivor

The monster known as The Expressionless is an almost unknown legend, having only ever been sighted once, leaving only a single survivor. It, or rather she, appears similar to a mannequin, despite having the capabilities of a normal human. Her face lacks eyebrows and is caked in makeup, but otherwise, she appears human. She generally appears expressionless, hence her name, although it can be assumed that she uses this to disguise her inhuman nature from humans. Inside her mouth are sharp teeth; long enough to stop the jaws from closing without doing damage to it.


As stated above, the Expressionless has only been sighted once. This was at Cedar Senai Hospital in June, 1972. She was spotted wearing a white, blood-covered gown and with a kitten in her jaws. The hold she had on the kitten was so tight, no teeth could be seen, thus hiding her true self from onlookers. After removing the cat from her jaws and tossing it aside, she collapsed to the floor. Doctors took her away to check her health. At first she was completely calm, remaining motionless and expressionless. However, as soon as staff tried to sedate her, she lashed out, her face still as calm as before, but the rest of her wild like a savage wolf. Turning towards a male doctor, she smiled, thereby giving up the disguise. After the doctor asked what she was, she leapt at him, biting into his jugular, before saying "I... am... God..." then turned to attack security. Of all those she killed on that day, the only survivor was a single female doctor, who's screams at seeing this creature's maw may have alerted security. This doctor was the one who named her "The Expressionless", in reference to her calm, expressionless nature before her attack.

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