The Tesla is a creature found in Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, replacing the Brutes of The Dark Descent. Like other Manpigs, it has been introduced to Compound X to mutate into what it is. However, unlike Wretchs and Engineers, the Tesla has been subjected to so much Compound X that it is partially unhinged from reality, allowing it to flicker in and out of existence. It is stated that it phases between our world and the other place. Rumours persist that the other place is the home dimension of Alexander of Brennenburg and the Kaernks.

Teslas make there home in cool areas. This is because, when in heat, the Tesla's vitae will splinter, causing it to become further unhinged from reality, until it eventually becomes truly invisible to the naked eye. The Failed Experiments located in the sewers underneath Oswald Mandus' home are the end result of this transformation.


The Tesla is a monstrously large mutated pig that can move both quadrupedal and bipedal, similarly to Engineers. It also has many electrical devices across it's body, making it easy to locate in dark areas. Though it, like the Engineer, is a substitute for the Brute, the majority of its physical traits mark it as an overgrown Wretch.

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