The Spencer Dormitory was a residential area for long-time research staff working within the Spencer Mansion. When the T-virus was scattered within the mansion and the laboratory beneath it, those who were sheltering in the dorm area were also infected. The Aqua Ring, a sub-section of the laboratory, could be accessed from a room in the residential area. The dormitory was destroyed along with the rest of the estate during the Mansion Incident.

Points of interestEdit

  • Recreation Room - This room contains a small bar along with a pool table and its walls were decorated with various pin-ups.
  • Gallery - This spacious room contained a number of works of art. In an L-junction on the north side of the room is a giant wasp nest and the body of a researcher clutching a sprayer full of insecticide. Chris Redfield managed to brave the infected wasps in the room to grab the spray and use it to release the insecticide through a hole in the wall on the other side of the wasps' nest. With the nest destroyed and the wasps dead, Chris and Rebecca Chambers were able to obtain a key to Room 003 and could later access the storeroom.
  • Storeroom - Within the Gallery was a small storeroom sealed with an electronic lock that required a passcode. After gaining access to this room, Chris and Rebecca were able to concoct a V-JOLT chemical capable of killing Plant 42.
  • Room 001 - Living quarters where one of the mansion staff apparently committed suicide by hanging himself. As it turned out, this man had been infected and zombified and thus his suicide attempt was futile since he didn't shoot himself through the brain. Jill Valentine would see to that during the Mansion Incident.
  • Point 42 - The room that contained Plant 42.


Creatures encountered in the dormitory.

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