Solomon's ego
General Information
Name Solomon
Origin NES Godzilla Creepypasta
Location/Habitat Zenith
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Abilities Heat Beam, Sonic Slash, Flight
Threat Level Very dangerous

Solomon as he appears in Kaiju Combat.

"I'd rather die than serve you" - Solomon

Solomon is a demonic entity from a hellish world called Zenith, appearing in the NES Godzilla Creepypasta story. Thanks to Red's insatiable appetite for pain, he would fight in the battle in Zenith against Red and his brothers. Solomon has a massive ego, always posing after winning a battle, the words "Still the best, 1973" appearing on screen. Solomon is set to appear in Sunstone Games' upcoming game, Colossal Kaiju Combat! alongside his old nemesis.


Solomon has fully functional wings, allowing him to engage in high-speed aerial combat as well as toe-to-toe combat on the ground.  Solomon's body is covered in a patchwork of smooth skin & blue fur, but the skin on his head is stretched tightly - giving his head a skull-like appearance.


Solomon was once the second-strongest demon in Zenith, after Red, and was possibly an ally or slave to Red. He was betrayed by Red, who turned his former allies against him. Nevertheless, Solomon fought them off and still managed to survive against Red. Residual energy from their battle created many shadows of both Solomon and Red throughout time and space, which would continue the fight.

Red stomp

Red crushes his old nemesis, Solomon

Solomon joined Zach in his fight against Red in the world of Extus, near the end of the game. He helped Zach throughout, quickly proving his place as the most dangerous player-controlled character in the game. When Red devoured Mothra during the final battle, Solomon stepped in (by Zach's selection). Upon meeting again, Red said "Traitor. I always hated you. You can die like the rest", to which Solomon replied "I'd rather die than serve you." Solomon easily bested Red, but was defeated when Red hit his final form. Red hit him with a Soul Burn, before stomping on him, crushing every bone in Solomon's body underfoot until his death.

When Red was defeated by Acacius the Golden Light, the spirit of Melissa brought back all those who had been killed by Red, including Solomon. Even though he had been killed, he had been on the winning side in this battle. In his own eyes, Solomon was "Still the best."


  • Heat Beam - Solomon fires a beam of energy from his mouth.
  • Sonic Slash - Solomon moves his wings fast enough to create a blast of wind. Surprisingly strong, but it is ineffective beyond just outside arms reach.
  • Flight

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