Slaanesh - Genzoman
General Information
Name Slaanesh
Other Names Dark Prince of Ecstacy, Prince of Chaos, She Who Thirsts
Origin Warhammer
Location/Habitat The Warp (Warhammer 40k)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Language Unknown
Magic User Yes
Psychic Creature Yes
Threat Level No point running
Slaanesh, also known as the Dark Prince of Ecstacy, is one of the four gods of Chaos Undivided in Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. It is the god of pleasure, passion and decadence, but also the god of perfection. Slaanesh, unlike It brothers, isn't technically male. Slaanesh's true form is female on the right and male on the left, with two horns growing from its head. However, it prefers to take the form most pleasing to the person in front of it. Like its brothers, its true form is based on its domain of the mind. Khorne is a bloody and violent warrior, Tzeentch is a creature that defies mortal logic, Nurgle is a bloated creature infected by millions of diseases and Slaanesh is the most beautiful creature one could possibly see. Slaanesh's followers are a mix of the perverted and depraved, but also of those seeking perfection. A chef seeking the perfect recipe, an artist who wishes to make the most beautiful work of art or a designer who wants to make the best clothes on the market, among others are some of its greatest followers.

On a side note, Slaanesh is responsible for the Fall of the Eldar in 40k lore, having killed most of the Eldar gods during that dark day, as well as many psykers across the universe. Slaanesh now feasts on the souls of the Eldar, leading the race to protect itself in many ways. One force of the Eldar, known as the Harlequins, is protected by the laughing god Cegorach himself, leading Slaanesh into many battles with the last Eldar god to possess both freedom and a complete body for these souls. Also, its name is a corruption of the Eldar term "Slaaneth". "Slaa" translates to "ecstacy" or "pleasure" while "Neth" translates to "lord" or "prince", hence it's title of Prince of Ecstacy. However, the Eldar refer to Slaanesh as "She who Thirsts", unlike most other species in the galaxy who count it as male.

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