Rules of the Seed Eater's Hunt

The Seed Eater is a strange humanoid being. It wears a rag mask (hence its nickname Rag Face) that has one eye hole cut out for it to see. The other one seems to be stitched shut. Its skin is dark green/brown and it has long dark hair. The Seed Eater's mask has a second hole for either a mouth, a beak or a snout. It goes after small children presumably to eat them.

The Seed Eater was first mentioned by Cliff Howry, a Canadian blogger. According to Cliff, the creature goes on a hunt every few years, looking for it's main food source, human children. However, If anyone interferes with the hunt or breaks one of the rules (bottom-right), the Seed Eater will attack them too. It sometimes, although extremely rarely, attacks adults. The only time someone survived a attack from a Seed Eater was a boy with a bat, who beat the monster and ran but the boy never said another word because of damage it did to his throat. The boy, who's first name is Brady, now lives in a basement guarded 24/7. It is unknown how they are made or what they are made from. A theory of their reproduction is that the rare attacks on adults are abductions where it actually turns the person into another Seed Eater. You can find more information here.

Seedeater david

One of two drawings David sent Cliff, alongside his own experience with the creature.

Recent information left on Cliff's blog points to there possibly being multiple Seed Eaters, as well as their own ability to speak human languages. A German man by the name of David uploaded a meeting with the creature when he was young. However, whereas the rag worn by the original Seed Eater that Cliff Howry saw was white, David's Seed Eater wore a red mask. This new evidence also leads to the possibility that the creature can speak, as the red Seed Eater whispered to David "Du bist noch nicht reif , aber ich werde warten und wieder kommen wenn es an der zeit ist' ("You are not ripe yet , but I will wait and come back when its time").

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