Scrapers are creatures appearing in the Chapel, near the end of Silent Hill 3. They are similar in many ways to the Missionary. It is possible that Scrapers aren't monsters, but rather members of the Order.


They are very similar in appearance and nature to the Missionary, though they are much weaker, as well as less threatening and significantly smaller. They appear as medium-sized humanoid males wearing dirty brown robes, bloody rubber gloves and corduroy pants, with brown sacks covering their faces. They are armed with two tonfa-like weapons that end in blades. They constantly scrape these together, hence their name.


As stated above, the Scrapers could possibly be members of the Order, or at the very least, manifestations of Claudia Wolf's vision of it's members. It is also very likely that the Scraper is meant to be a frequent reminder of Harry Mason's death, at the start of the game. This is because Heather's anger towards Claudia regarding her father's murder fails to wane. As she comes closer and closer to the final battle with God, the population of Scrapers increases, supporting this possibility. Also as previously stated, they appear to be a smaller version of the Missionary, and therefore seeing a beast so synonymous would inevitably remind Heather of her father's murderer.

There is a running theme of maternity and femininity in Silent Hill 3 and its monsters due to the central conflict of the game centering on impregnation in the Order's attempts to force Heather to birth their god. The combination of the Scraper's title, clothing, and weapons may be seen as symbolism of abortion: "Scraper" here referring to scraping out the unborn fetus; rubber gloves, a mask, and a smock being reminiscent of surgical attire; and the long, tonfa-blades being exaggerated imagery of abortion tools.

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