Sad Daddy
Sad daddy
General Information
Name Sad Daddy
Other Names Memory of Richard Grady
Origin Silent Hill: Origins
Location/Habitat Riverside Motel, Silent Hill (Otherworld)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Unknown
Language None
Threat Level Dangerous
Sad Daddy is a creature found in Room 500 of Silent Hill's Riverside Motel, in contrast to Travis Grady's father, Richard. When Travis first encounters his father, he has a flashback, which manifests in the room he's currently standing in. His younger self finds Richard hanging from a noose, who tells him he "won the game", and asks if he'd like the quarter that he still holds. Upon being told to wake up, Richard replies that he was never asleep and Travis knew this. He tells his son that remaining with him for so long was unhealthy. At this point, Travis snaps out of his flashback and tells his father "this is insane".

Richard tells him it is time for him to face up to his responsibility and that he and Travis's mother will see him in Heaven. He then transforms into this beast. The Sad Daddy attacks by either biting at victims or strangling them with one of it's hanging tentacles. It also uses a short ranged blood-vomit attack.


The tan creature is composed of three main parts: one being in the middle, which is a distorted, huge mass that ends in a humanoid face, the only conceivable features being a nose (slightly) and a large mouth, which is full of human-like teeth and a very large tongue, its swollen size comparable with that of a corpse. On either side of the convulsing beast is a hollowed-out partial corpse, each being of the lower body. Sad Daddy hangs from the ceiling as if it is dropping down from the ceiling into a chained cage.


The creature is a manifestation of Richard Grady's memory and the guilt Travis suffers for feeling responsible for his death.

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