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The SCP Foundation, SCP standing for Special Containment Procedures or the Foundation's motto, Secure, Contain, Protect, is an organisation dedicated to protect the human race from items and creatures of supernatural origin that in some cases may pose a threat to life as we know it. Clandestine and worldwide, the SCP Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by the world's government to contain items which pose a threat to the norm, items known only as SCPs.

Special Containment ProceduresEdit

Special Containment Procedures is the term given to the overview reports and protocols put into place to stop any and all breaches caused by the items contained by the Foundation. These are only quickly summarised, so that in the case of a breach, containment teams don't waste precious time reading up on an item and can find the important information quickly.

Items can be objects (such as SCP-963), places (SCP-087), people ("Able"), animals (SCP-2558-J) or even occurences (SCP-048). Items are numbered SCP-###, and are grouped as being 'Safe', 'Euclid', or 'Keter', each of which explain expected threat levels, 'Safe' clearly being the safest and 'Keter' the most dangerous.

List of SCP'sEdit

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