General Information
Name SCP-953
Other Names Polymorphic Humanoid
Origin SCP
Location/Habitat Type-4 Containment Cell, Site 17
Height Unknown
Length Unknown
Weight 8kg (Fox form)
Sentient Yes
Language English, Korean
Psychic Creature Yes
Abilities Shapeshifting, Psychic Suggestion
Threat Level Avoid at all costs

An artist's interpretation of 953's preferred human and fox forms

SCP-953, also known as the Polymorphic Humanoid, is a creature currently in containment by the SCP Foundation. It is a female red fox with nine tails, but enjoys to take the form of other creatures, with a preference for a beautiful Korean woman. The one weakness to it's transformations is that it keeps at least one part of its true form no matter what. This allows it to be easily spotted in a group, just by searching for the one person with fox features, whether it's a tail, ears, paws or something else. However, it will use clothing to try and hide these features. It also possesses slight psionic abilities, allowing it to trick people into believing obvious lies.

As she is a Korean fox, she hates it when she's referred to as a 'Kitsune', the Japanese word for fox, instead of a 'Kumiho', which is instead a Korean nine-tailed fox. Any members of the Foundation who asks what the difference between the two is will usually be asked what the difference is between a Cherokee Indian and New Delhi Indian. She also seems to hate members of the furry community, as on one occasion, she escaped and murdered over two-dozen people at a furry convention before being recaptured. As she is a fox, she hates dogs, but in a different way to being referred to as a Kitsune. Any dogs, especially bloodhounds and other hunting dogs, scare her, making this one of the most effective ways the Foundation have kept her contained.


  • Shapeshifting - SCP-953 possess polymorphic capabilities, meaning she can transform into other creatures. Her transformations are rarely perfect, except when turning into a different kind of fox.
  • Psychic Suggestion - SCP-953 is known to psychicly influence others, using her abilities to trick a police officer into believing there was no screaming coming from a hotel room where she was staying and to trick a woman into killing her child, among other cases.

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