General Information
Name SCP-582
Other Names Bundle, A Bundle of Stories
Origin SCP
Location/Habitat Cell at classified SCP Facility, cell may change after SCP-582 breaks containment
Height Depends on writer
Weight Depends on writer
Sentient Semi-Sentient, Can be sentient based on "Bundle Story".
Language Depends on writer
Magic User Depends on writer
Psychic Creature Depends on writer
Abilities Depends on writer
Threat Level Dangerous

SCP-582, also known as A Bundle of Stories or simply "Bundle", is a Keter-class creature currently under SCP containment, which only acts when written into a "Bundle Story". These Bundle Stories are stories written about the monster, in which it acts out the events of the story in real time, allowing the writer to use it to kill anyone they want, hence the reason the creature is classified as Keter, rather than something lower. It is through the use of a Bundle Story in which the creature is kept in permanent containment at a classifed location that has allowed the SCP Foundation to keep Bundle contained. The creature is a danger to all mentioned in the stories, and will rewrite stories in the case that certain information is missing, or something changes. An example of this was when the Foundation attempted to use SCP-582 to kill SCP-682, by writing a bundle story titled 'The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Can And Will Kill SCP-682 Permanently If It So Much As Spots The Damn Lizard'. SCP-582 was effectively killed during the fight, renaming the story to 'The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Tried To Kill SCP-682 Permanently But Failed' and changing the ending to an epic fight which ended in its defeat.

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