General Information
Name SCP-530
Other Names Carl, Carl the Variable Dog
Origin SCP
Height 20-30.5cm
Length 25.5-45.5cm
Weight Unknown
Sentient Semi-Sentient
Language None
Threat Level No threat
SCP-530, known by Foundation personnel as "Carl the Variable Dog", is a dog currently contained by the SCP Foundation. As it's alias suggests, "Carl's" appearance varies, as it's body is in a constant state of flux. It is a small dog, roughly 20-30.5cm high, 7.5-18cm wide and 25.5-45.5cm long, although larger and smaller sizes have been recorded on rare occasions. It's coat also changes, having been recorded in 467 hues and an unknown amount of patterns. It also grows random limbs and organs at times, ranging from both an extra and lack of legs, eyes, tails etc. Of these changes, most last roughly 24 hours, with the longest and currently only to survive more than 2 days being a third eye that has been on it's head since it's discovery, and possibly longer.

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