General Information
Name SCP-2317
Other Names The ████, Devourer of Worlds
Origin SCP
Location/Habitat Infinite salt pan in unidentified dimension
Height 200 kilometers
Weight Unknown
Sentient Unknown
Language Unknown
Magic User Unknown
Psychic Creature Unknown
Abilities Currently unkillable
Threat Level Unstoppable

SCP-2317, AKA "A Door To Another World" is an Apollyon classified SCP (though it's only shown to be Keter-class to those not on the Foundation's overseer council), which is an obese-humanoid covered in scales and 200 kilometers tall, housed in an endless salt pan and jailed by seven hooked chains. Six of these chains have broken, and the final one is calculated to break 30 years from now. Once free, SCP-2317 is theorized to destroy Earth, and possibly even the universe. While the Foundation can perform a ritual called Procedure 220-Calabasas that prolongs 2317's escape, this is all simply a facade created by the Foundation's admins to give the lower personnel hope and stop them from breaking out in panic.

Once the creature escapes its final chain, the Foundation cannot do anything about it. However, it is theorised that an artillery shell would blow its head clean off, owing to it having existed long before that level of weaponry was capable by humans.

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