General Information
Name SCP-1918
Other Names Tik Tak Tow
Origin SCP
Location/Habitat SCP-1918-2
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Possibly
Language None, speaks through writing on the ground. How it writes is currently unknown
Threat Level Low threat

SCP-1918, also known as Tik Tak Tow, is a creature currently contained in an underground facility (dubbed SCP-1918-2 by Foundation personnel) by the SCP Foundation. As it moves, it makes a metallic grinding noise across the ground. The creature is strange in that it seems to enjoy playing a game with it's victims, but hates to lose. It moves across the ground of SCP-1918-2 constantly, at a speed of 5kph and leaning in the direction it's turning.


SCP-1918 is a plastic mold of a head attached to a metallic rod.


When a person or canine enters SCP-1918-2, SCP-1918 will move into the room and write either "Tik Tak Tow" or "Memoree" on the floor. How it does this is unknown, as the words appear underneath the creature after it passes. How the games work are as follows:

  • "Tik Tak Tow" - SCP-1918 and the player race to put noughts or crosses throughout the "1" rooms of the facility, with the player being noughts and SCP-1918 being crosses. The player isn't given a means to draw these symbols, possibly making it easier for SCP-1918 to win.
  • "Memoree" - Upon exiting the room the player is knocked out, presumably by SCP-1918. The player regains consciousness in a random section of the facility. Success is marked by finding a “1” room identical to the central room (rooms during this event appear to differ slightly). This game is limited to a time limit, as the player is actively pursued by SCP-1918 throughout the halls of the facility. The subject "wins" by marking the correct room with an "O".

It should be noted that both of these revolve around the "1" rooms. This is because, should a player enter a "2" room, SCP-1918 will go dormant and the player will disappear. It is presumed the player is killed, although how is unknown.


D-2934 was an SCP D-Class who was sent into SCP-1918-2 as part of testing. He was sent into the facility as a test. During the test, he played a round of Tik Tak Tow with SCP-1918, winning in 20 minutes. Upon winning, SCP-1918 accused him of cheating then challenged him to a game of Memoree. He won this again, using a rusted pipe to slit his wrist so he could use his blood to draw a circle in the room. SCP-1918 went to attack him, as he extended his middle finger at it, but was beaten to death with a pipe. The video feed cut out here. When it returned, D-2934's head looked down at the camera, in a manner similar to SCP-1918, then disappeared, a metallic grinding noise in the background. If you wish to read the entire article, it is linked here.

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