General Information
Name SCP-096
Other Names Shy Guy
Origin SCP
Location/Habitat Classified SCP facility
Height 2.38m
Sentient Semi-Sentient
Language Unknown, unlikely
Threat Level No threat (face covered); No point running (when looked upon)
SCP-096, AKA the "Shy Guy", is a euclid-class humanoid creature currently under containment by the SCP Foundation. Measuring in at approximately 2.38 metres in height with very little muscle mass, it is normally docile, mostly sitting in place sobbing bitterly. However, whenever somebody looks at its face, it will enter a state of despair for approx. 1-2 minutes before running towards the person who saw it no matter how far away they are, even if they saw it from a video or picture (although artists's impressions thankfully don't have this effect). 

Despite its lack of muscle mass, it is capable of smashing through even tough materials as if they weren't there at all & can take down an entire AWACS plane easily. It is also tough to kill, if not invincible, as it barely flinched when it attacked the retrieval team Zulu 9-A, which shot at it with multiple guns, even resorting to firing .50 calibur bullets from a GAU-19 heavy machine gun. When it catches someone (practically guaranteed as it can't be stopped whilst enraged), it will kill them in a way that leaves no solid traces of the unfortunate victim. In one recorded breakout SCP-096 was surrounded by SCP Personnel. Only two people returned alive. The rest were butchered when it dropped its hands from its face.

SCP-096 appears in the indie-game SCP: Containment Breach, alongside other SCPs. The creature first appears in a server control room where it murders a guard for accidentally looking at its face. The player must sneak around and avoid looking at its face in order to reset the power to escape the room. This is made all the trickier as SCP-096 wanders about the room, although the blood splatter on the window from its murder of the guard provides the player with a brief cover from seeing SCP-096's face. The creature can also spawn in a lockroom, but is relatively easy to avoid as long as the player walks around its back.

When its face is viewed by the player, SCP-096 enters an enraged and panicky state and will remain in it for a few seconds, giving the player something of a head start. However, once SCP-096 begins its pursuit of the player, it will not stop and cannot be stopped by any means (although Tesla gates do temporarily stun it if it gets shocked.) It is possible for the player to escape SCP-096 and win the game, but in most cases, 096 will inevitably catch and kill the player. When it does so, 096 devours their body, hinting that may be what it does to its victims to ensure it is never looks at it again.

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