General Information
Name SCP-073
Other Names Cain
Origin SCP
Location/Habitat SCP facility, Site 17
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Language Possesses thorough knowledge of most, if not all, Human languages
Abilities Decay (plant life), Indestructible, Photographic Memory
Threat Level No threat

SCP-073, who refers to himself as "Cain", is a humanoid currently contained by the SCP Foundation. He appears to be a normal human, heavily tanned and of Arabic or Middle Eastern descent, in his early thirties, with black hair and blue eyes. 073's arms, legs, spinal cord and shoulder blades have all been replaced with artificial versions of unknown make and metal. Strangely, he doesn't seem to recall how he got these replacements, saying he has had them for as long as he can remember. A Sumerian symbol, which is yet to be translated, is in the middle of his forehead, although he refuses to explain how he got it.

073 is generally polite and genial to all who speak to it, though it has been described as being cold and somewhat mechanical in its speech. It is very helpful, and enjoys aiding the Foundation's personnel in their daily actions, whatever they may be. It has highly detailed knowledge of events throughout history, no matter how ancient they may be, and most commonly spoken languages in the world, including ones that have since died out. 073 also has a photographic memory, remembering word-for-word all text in a eight-hundred-page dictionary that was flicked through in a minute and a half.

It is possible that both SCP-073 and SCP-076 are the biblical Cain and Abel. This would explain the Sumerian Symbol on 073's head and his unique ability on plant-life, although his metallic enhancements would still remain a mystery.


  • Organic Decay - SCP-073's presence causes death to any life that was grown in the soil, including all plants and trees, within a twenty meter radius. Any land 073 has walked on becomes barren within two weeks and is then permanently unable to support life. Anything that is derived from soil-grown life, such as wood and paper, immediately rots and disintegrates from his touch. The ability also affects hydroponically grown plants.
  • Damage Redirection - Violence directed towards SCP-073 reflects any damage inflicted on 073 directly back onto the attacker, although he visibly remains unharmed. This applies to any attempts at physical harm, whether planned or accidental, directed at 073. Attempts to get tissue and blood samples ended with SCP personnel carrying out the action feeling the sensation of whatever was applied to SCP-073, and wound up with a sample of their own blood or tissue, despite the fact that all actions were directed solely at SCP-073. Indirect damage through a medium also results in the person perpetrating the action receiving the wounds caused. Although SCP-073 receives no actual harm from damage to its person, he still feels the pain from any attack, having asked the Foundation to refrain from overly harmful actions towards him.
  • Photographic Memory - SCP-073's photographic memory is so good that, coupled with his indestructable nature, he has been used as a backup for all SCP files. He also possesses vast knowledge on "Able" (SCP-076), although he refuses to tell the Foundation what he knows.
  • Although the effect is currently unknown, SCP-073 has some kind of effect on SCP-076. It is, according to SCP-073, better for all involved parties that it doesn't ever run into 076.

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