General Information
Name SCP-049
Other Names Plague Doctor
Origin SCP
Location/Habitat Classified SCP research sector
Height 1.9m
Weight 95.3kg
Sentient Yes
Language English
Abilities Death-Touch, Creation of SCP-049-2 Zombies
Threat Level Dangerous
SCP-049, AKA the "Plague Doctor", is a Euclid-class SCP currently under containment by the Foundation. SCP-049 understands English perfectly well, and is completely docile until it tries to perform surgery. SCP-049’s touch is invariably lethal to humans (But according to the game, SCP: Containment Breach, SCP-714 (The Jaded Ring) can protect you from SCP-049's fatal touch). After contact with SCP-049’s hands, the victim (now known as SCP-049-2) dies within moments, the cause being classified by the Foundation.

SCP-049 will then attempt to kill all humans it can see in a similar manner, supposedly to avoid interruption, before returning to SCP-049-2. It produces a bag made of an unknown substance containing scalpels, needle, thread, and several vials of an as-yet-unidentified substance, from somewhere within its body. and begins dissecting SCP-049-2, as well as inserting various chemicals into the body. After approximately 20 minutes, SCP-049 will sew SCP-049-2 back up and become docile once more.


SCP-049 wears the traditional garb of a 15th-16th century European plague doctor. This is actually part of SCP-049. SCP-049 is 1.9m tall and weighs 95.3kg; as microscopic and genetic testing show it to be similar in structure to muscle, although it feels much like rough leather.

SCP-049-2 or The CreationEdit

049 guard

A member of the Foundation's security personnel, after being turned into SCP-049-2

A few minutes after being sown up, SCP-049-2 will resume vital signs and appears to reanimate. However, SCP-049-2 seems completely without higher brain functions, and will wander aimlessly until it encounters another living human. At that point, SCP-049-2's adrenaline and endorphin levels increase to approximately three-hundred percent as it attempts to kill any human beings it can find, before returning to its mindless state and wandering until it comes across more humans.

Instances of SCP-049-2 resemble pale-bodied zombies, with deep, bloody scars along their torsos that result from SCP-049's surgeries. According to the game, SCP: Containment Breach, instances of SCP-049-2 that can't find any living humans will go into a deactivated state. They will become active again if SCP-049 comes into contact with them again. It is unknown if instances of SCP-049-2 are conscious, although Containment Breach seems to support this fact.

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