Romero zombies
"Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill!"

"Romero zombies" refers to the popular variety of zombie in modern media. These creatures are named as such since they were originally envisioned by horror film director George A. Romero, creator of the film Night of the Living Dead and its sequels. This breed of zombie has served as the inspirational source of most other modern zombie types today.


Romero's zombies are reanimated human cadavers that possess no intelligence, no memory, and are driven solely by their instinct to feed on living human flesh. They appear in various stages of decay and continue rotting as they walk, oblivious to their own deterioration.

How exactly zombies hunt is uncertain; some zombies are still capable of tracking human prey regardless of the deterioration of their sensory organs, though they likely still rely on such organs as long as they still have them. Also, being dead, zombies have no need for food, yet they are totally driven by hunger and are never satisfied no matter how much they eat. They will stop at nothing to reach their prey since they have no intelligence, have no self-preservation instincts and do not feel pain. Regardless of their state of decay or any injuries they receive, they relentlessly advance on their prey and will not be detered by anything. Killing zombies is no easy task, either, since they ignore wounds and injuries. The only way to kill a zombie permanently is to destroy the brain, which can be done in any number of ways. Guns are a relatively clean, precise way of dispatching zombies, but the sound of gunshots has been known to attract more zombies (at least zombies that still have their ears).

What makes zombies so dangerous is their sheer numbers and the rate at which they multiply. They carry some kind of infection that they pass on to living humans through bites and scratches. Anyone injured in such a manner is doomed to become on of the undead, though the rate at which an infected person transforms depends on the subject's immune system, so the infection rate varies from person to person. There is no cure for the zombie infection and the only way to prevent zombification after being bitten is either to amputate the wounded limb shortly after infection or to commit suicide by destroying the brain before the transformation sets in. If an infected person is killed without destroying the brain, they will still reanimate. In fact, reanimation can occur faster this way than it might do otherwise.


Night of the Living DeadEdit

"They're coming to get you, Barbra."

The plague of the living dead begins as the recently deceased inexplicably rise from the grave all across the United States, attacking and devouring the living. The cause of this resurrection is unknown, but experts believe it to be the result of radiation scattered from an exploding space probe which had returned from Venus. No precise cause is ever determined, however, so stellar radiation is only a theory.

A woman called Barbra has just escaped an attack by zombies in a cemetery, though her brother Johnny is killed by the creatures. She arrives at a farmhouse to seek help, only to find zombies here as well. She is rescued by the timely arrival of Ben, who dispatches the zombies and takes her inside the house, barricading the doors and windows after them. Barbra is shocked by the days events and falls into a state of catatonia.

Night of the living dead 3
Barbra and Ben are trapped inside the house with five others: a young couple Tom and Judy, married couple Harry and Helen Cooper and their sick daughter Karen. Nerves are frayed and panic sets in as they listen to the radio reporting on spreading violence across the country. When the news reports list a number of emergency centres offering refuge, Ben, Tom and Judy try to escape. Tom refuels Ben's truck while Harry keeps the zombies at bay by throwing Molotov cocktails from the house's upstairs window. In his panic, however, Tom spills gasoline from the pump and sets the truck on fire. He and Judy try to drive the truck away from the pump, but Judy's coat gets caught in the car door and she cannot get unstuck in time. The pump and the truck explode, killing Tom and Judy. Ben survives, but is forced to kick the house's door in when Harry refuses to unlock it. Meanwhile, the zombies are occupied eating the flash-fried remains of Tom and Judy.

The zombies are not sated from eating Tom and Judy's remnants and soon advance on the house again, breaking through the barricades and forcing Ben to withdraw into the cellar where he finds that Karen has turned and killed her parents. Ben kills Karen and then shoots Harry and Helen when they begin to reanimate, locking himself inside. As for Barbra, she sees her brother Johnny amongst the crowd of zombies and allows herself to be taken and devoured by the horde.

When morning arrives, posses being led by the sherriff's department are moving through the countryside and dispatching any zombies they find, executing them with headshots and incinerating the bodies on a large pyre. When Ben hears the shots, he emerges from the cellar. Unfortunately, he is shot by a posse member who mistakes him for a zombie.

Dawn of the DeadEdit

"When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth."

The plague of undead continues to devastate the United States and may have even spread across the entire world at this point. Efforts to stem the tide of undead prove futile and civilisation begins to collapse, leading to total chaos and anarchy.

This installment of the Dead series focuses around four survivors: TV reporter Stephen Andrews, his girlfriend Francine Parker, and two SWAT team members Roger DiMarco and Peter Washington. The group flee the overrun city of Philadelphia via helicopter and arrive at a shopping mall. After clearing out the zombies roaming the mall, they settle down into their new sanctuary and enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle with the resources they have available to them. However, during the cleanup, Roger is bitten by a zombie and he eventually turns. Peter shoots him as he reanimates.

Eventually, radio and TV transmissions stop altogether, leading Francine, Stephen and Peter to believe that society as they know it has come to an end. Their ironic salvation occurs when a gang of motorcyclists, having seen the helicopter during one of Francine's flying lessons, break into and start looting the mall, which allows hundreds of zombies inside. Stephen forces a gun battle with the bikers and is shot in the arm; he tries to escape through an elevator shaft, but is cornered by the undead. As the zombies consume some of the bikers shot by Peter, the rest retreat with their stolen goods. A reanimated Stephen (apparently knowing enough to remember the false wall) breaks through it and leads the undead to Francine and Peter. As Stephen enters their hideout, Peter kills him while Francine escapes to the roof. Peter then locks himself in a room and contemplates suicide. When zombies burst into the room, he has a change of heart and fights his way up to the roof, where he joins Francine. The two then fly away in the partially fueled helicopter to an uncertain future.

Day of the DeadEdit

Some time after the events of Dawn of the Dead, zombies have overrun the entire world. The remaining fragments of the U.S. government and military hide out in fortified enclaves, attempting to find both survivors and a solution to the zombie outbreak. Survivors Dr. Sarah Bowman, US Army Private Miguel Salazar, and helicopter pilots William "Bill" McDermott, and John arrive in Fort Myers, Florida, encounter a large horde of the undead, and escape to an underground Army base in the Everglades, where a small group of scientists search for a way to stop or reverse the re-animation process, assisted by a skeleton crew of soldiers. Dr. Logan, the lead scientist – also known as "Frankenstein" due to his experiments – believes that zombies can be trained to become docile, and accordingly has amassed a collection of test subjects, over the objection of base-commander Captain Rhodes. The tension between soldiers and scientists is worsened by dwindling supplies, loss of communication with other survivors, and a lack of progress in research. During a zombie wrangling mission, one of the soldiers is killed after a zombie escapes its harness; whereupon Miguel attempts to kill the creature, but is bitten on the arm, which Sarah amputates to stop the spreading infection. Rhodes then calls off the experiment and demands all specimens to be destroyed.

Dr. Logan, meanwhile, continues his research, being especially proud of "Bub", a docile zombie who remembers some parts of his past life. Sarah is mortified when she learns that Logan has been using the bodies of dead soldiers as food to condition and reward zombies for positive behavior, and devises a plan to escape the complex with John, Miguel, and McDermott. Their plans are thwarted by Capt. Rhodes, who kills Logan; locks Sarah and McDermott inside the zombie corral; murders Dr. Fisher, a fellow scientist; and attempts to force John, their helicopter pilot, to fly them away from the complex, which he refuses.

Bub, having escaped his chain, finds the corpse of Dr. Logan, and in a display of human emotion, becomes enraged, while Miguel, in attempting suicide, allows the zombies to enter the complex and is devoured by the horde in the process. While Pvt Steele and Pvt Rickles investigate, John overcomes Rhodes and Torrez, steals their weapons, and goes to find Sarah and McDermott, after being left for dead by Captain Rhodes, Pvt Torrez has his voice box ripped out, while Pvt Rickles is brutally ripped apart by the horde as well, Pvt Steele has an admirable last stand but gets bit and is killed by his own hand. Rhodes attempts to escape, but is shot by Bub and violently torn inhalf by the undead and forced to watch them eat his guts while dying. John reunites with Sarah and McDermott and they escape to the surface. Sarah boards the helicopter, only to be attacked by a zombie inside; but wakes to find that the final undead attack on the three was a dream and that they are now living on a tropical island without infection. Sarah, observing her male companions on the beach, ponders her responsibility to reproduce for the sake of mankind's survival before crossing off another date on her calendar.

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