General Information
Name Red
Origin NES Godzilla Creepypasta
Location/Habitat Zenith
Height 105 Meters
Weight 66,000 Kilograms
Sentient Yes
Language English
Abilities Soul Burn, Claw Wave, Multiple Forms, Speed, Needle Spit
Threat Level Avoid at all costs

Red is a demonic entity from a hellish world called Zenith, appearing in the NES Godzilla Creepypasta story. His insatiable appetite for pain led to a great battle between himself and the other demons of Zenith, most notably Solomon. During the events of the above story, he was finally defeated. However, residual energy from his battle with Solomon has led to many Shadows of Red appearing throughout time and space, one of which is set to appear in Sunstone Games' upcoming game, Colossal Kaiju Combat!


Red forms

Red's four forms

Red has a large bulbous humanoid head, thin arms, a long tail tipped with a barbed stinger and four forms. His back is covered in thin flexible plates, but otherwise Red is skinless. His eyes appear as empty black pits normally. However, when he's angry, they start to glow a bright red. In his basic form, he has four thin spider-like legs which emerge from the center of his underbelly. His water form sacrifices its legs for fins and makes the tail more suited to swimming. His flying form has large bat-like wings and a two legs similar to those of eagles, hawks and other similar birds. His most powerful Final form has a much longer tail, who's weight makes it useless for any more than using it to trip or crush his enemies. He has two pairs of arms, instead of the usual one, larger versions of the flying form's legs and a long neck. He has also grown to roughly triple the size of most average kaiju, including Godzilla, Anguirus and even the renegade demon Solomon.


Red stomp

Red crushes his old nemesis, Solomon

Red was the most powerful demonic entity in Zenth. His insatiable hunger for pain - even from other demons - led to a great battle between himself and his brothers. The most notable of these fights was against Solomon. The fight against Solomon was so great, residuals of their energy was spread throughout space and time. Every time one of these Shadows would meet with another, they would fight yet another colossal battle.

Red's first recorded meeting with humans was with a young woman, Melissa. Red would torment her, leading to her eventual suicide. Her torment would not end here, as Red tortured her in death as well. He wouldn't meet another human until Melissa's boyfriend, Zach got his hands on strange NES cartridge for Godzilla: Monster of Monsters.

During the game, Red would torment Zach with images referencing Melissa's death, followed by chasing his chosen kaiju at the end of the level. This would lead to a climatic battle between Red and all Zach's kaiju - Godzilla, Mothra, Anguirus, Solomon and the until-then unusable character, Acacius the Golden Light. During the battle, he would devour Mothra in his flying form, crush Solomon under his foot, blast Anguirus with needles, and devour Godzilla, all in his final form. He then attempted to stop Zach's heart before Acacius could join the fight, but the spirit of Melissa intervened and released Acacius. Red was defeated by Acacius, but is believed to be still alive, biding his time before going after Zach for revenge.


  • Red flame

    Red's Soul Burn...

    Red needle


    Red devour

    And Devour.

    Soul Burn - Red engulfs his enemy in flames created from the tortured souls of those he's killed. The flame grows in size when he reaches his final form, but can't be used (for obvious reasons) in his water form.
  • Claw Wave - Red throws a claw-shaped arc at his enemies, which homes in and stuns them on contact, leaving them open to his merciless attacks.
  • Forms - Red's forms each have their own strengths:
    • Speed - Red's basic form is faster than later ones.
    • Aquatic - Only Red's water form can survive underwater.
    • Flight - Red's flying form is the only one that can fly.
    • Strength and Endurance - Red's final form is much stronger than most other form or kaiju, having four times the health than his other three forms.
  • Speed - All Red's forms, with the possible exception of his final form, are extremely fast.
  • Needle Spit - Red's final form is able to spit a rain of blazing hot needles at his enemies. It is unknown if this extends to other forms or not.
  • Second Mouth - Red has a second mouth similar to the Alien's tongue-mouth.
  • Devour - Red can open his mouth wide enough to swallow Mothra and similar small kaiju in his basic three forms. In his final form, he can do the same to Godzilla and other average-sized kaiju.

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