Rasklapanje is a horrendous mutation caused by C-virus infection in human beings. The exact circumstances of this mutation are unknown and it is possible that its creation was unintended, but Neo-Umbrella has nonetheless managed to utilize these monstrous creatures as B.O.W.'s. The name "Rasklapanje" is derived from the Serbian word for "dismantle".


The Rasklapanje appears to be humanoid with a number of cephalopodic traits to its physiology: its body is soft and malleable, covered in slick, smooth skin that serves as a form of exoskeleton to protect the slug-like portion of its main body, located in the torso. It has no visual, olfactory or auditory organs, at least none that can be easily identified.

The defining quality of the Rasklapanje is its ability to sever parts of its own body. When engaging prey, if a Rasklapanje is wounded and any part of its body is severed, the separated parts can continue to function independently and continue to hunt. Rasklapanje also possess amazing regenerative capabilities and cannot be killed easily. Gunfire can only incapacitate them for so long but they have displayed a weakness towards fire, though even this is only a finite solution. Only certain environmental hazards have been known to stop them, and only then by completely destroying the body.

Rasklapanje are also parasitic; when attacking prey while their bodies are whole, they will attempt to feed by forcing their leech-like proboscis through the victim's face, devouring them head-first. At the same time they feed, Rasklapanje implant some form of embryo into the victim which matures in mere seconds, erupting from the victim's carcass and swiftly growing to maturity.

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