El Pueblo
This small rural Spanish village, referred to only as "El pueblo" on road signs, is a significant location in Resident Evil 4. This small community is controlled by the religious cult known as Los Illuminados, its entire population infected with the mind-controlling Las Plagas parasites, turning them into subservient Ganados that follow the will of Osmund Saddler.


In 2004, Leon Kennedy came to this village in search of the abducted Ashley Graham. When he arrived, he was not given a warm welcome; the locals were hostile and mobbed together to attack the intruding American agent. As he investigated the area, Leon discovered that the villagers were all involved in bizarre activities and as he fought them he noticed their peculiar behaviour and their inhuman strength. He also encountered a man held prisoner in the village called Luis Sera, who claimed to be making his own investigation of the village and the mysterious cult that ruled over the area.

After battling his way through hordes of Ganados and slaying two huge B.O.W.'s, Leon found the missing Ashley inside a church and the pair attempted to flee the village. The US SOCOM chopper sent to extract Leon and Ashley was shot down, however, forcing the pair to seek refuge inside a nearby castle...


Village Map
The village features homesteads, a farm compound, a church with a cemetery, and a tall bell tower within the community itself. There were several fortified Ganados encampments located near the village while an underground bunker complex had also been occupied and used to store weapons and equipment. Most villagers live in the village, although a few villagers tend to live further away from the main, central area of town. For example, The first house that the first Ganado is in seems to be closer to the border of the village, requiring him to take a path to the village and the outlying areas. An unseen villager also lives in a house next to the lake, when Leon kills Del Lago he passes out in this person's house. There is also an abandoned cabin across the bridge near the farm where Leon, Ashley Graham and Luis Sera take refuge in during a villager mob attack.


Below is a complete list of creatures that occupied the Pueblo area.

  • Ganados - The Plaga-infected villagers controlled by Saddler and his lieutenants. Unless commanded otherwise, they would appear to go about their normal everyday lives, but the presence of uninfected outsiders drove them toward homicidal rage. Capable of utilizing tools and weapons, Ganados could also think strategically, making them deadly adversaries.
  • Colmillos - Dogs infected with the Plaga and used by the Ganados as attack hounds.
  • Del Lago - A large bio-organic weapon based on a salamander. This monster inhabited a lake near the village and Ganados would feed the corpses of outsiders to it.
  • El Gigante - A giant humanoid creature. The villagers sealed this violent brute away inside a compound close to the lake and released it upon Leon.
  • Bitores Mendez - The village chief and one of Saddler's lieutenants. He battled Leon inside a slaughterhouse, transforming into a grotesque monstrosity. Leon was able to defeat him and used his glass eye to open the gate leading out of the village and towards Castle Salazar.

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