360px-RE2 Plant43 art
Plant 43 - also known as Ivy - is a plant-based B.O.W. that appears in Resident Evil 2. These creatures were created by the Umbrella Corporation based on data regarding Plant 42, a mutant plant that was created by the T-virus leak at Umbrella's Arklay research facility. Unlike Plant 42, which was created accidentally, the Ivys were produced in hopes of manufacturing a marketable plant-based B.O.W.. They appear as semi-humanoid plants with large, blooming pods for heads. They do not have arms in the traditional sense but rather a number of tentacle-like vines that they use to whip and strangle prey and even drain their victims' blood. The legs of an Ivy are similar to tree trunks, ending in many roots. This development has impaired the creatures' movement and they can only walk in slow, shuffled steps. Finally, the Ivy's large flower pod can open to release deadly toxins upon enemies.

Since they are plant-based, Ivys can best operate in temperate or humid environments, but cannot stand fire or extreme cold. These weaknesses along with their slow movement makes them unsuitable as marketable weapons.

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