The Pillars of Heaven are three interconnected towers that serve as the primary North American branch of Cronos in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour. After Cronos takes over the Earth, this titanic structure becomes the centre of government in the United States. It was located in Washington DC, constructed in close proximity to the White House where the former US Presidents resided. While the White House remained standing after X-Day, all matters of policy and government were transferred to the Cronos commanders at the Pillars of Heaven. The Pillars served as the headquarters of Sin Rubeo Amniculus, the Zoalord charged with ruling over the North American continent.

Two years following X-Day, the Pillars of Heaven were attacked by Agito Makishima, who used the Gigantic Dark's Giga-Smasher to collapse one of the three towers and bring it crashing down over a large portion of Washington DC.

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