General Information
Name Pendulum
Origin Silent Hill 3
Location/Habitat Silent Hill, Otherworld
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Unknown
Language None
Abilities Hovering
Threat Level Dangerous
The Pendulum is a large hovering monster appearing in Silent Hill 3 and the comic Paint it Black. It got its name based on its method of attacking: by swinging it's body like a pendulum, uses the blades on its heads to slash at it's victims.


The Pendulum has the appearance of two human torsos cut in half and connected at their hips by a metal circular device. Its arms are tied and bandaged behind their backs, with each torso facing the opposite direction of the other, and a pair of stilt-like, bladed legs sprout from the center of the mechanical device. It also has a blade attached to each of its heads and rotates its torso (like a pendulum moving in a single direction) while it moves as an attempt to cut open its victims. It makes a loud screeching sound similar to that of rusty metal grinding, a noise which alters to a sound similar to a broken instrument's when harmed and grounded.


The Pendulum represents Heather's upside down, constantly changing feelings about the life she's having, and the people she loves. It could also be a manifestation of Heather Mason's giving birth to God. The head seen on top being Heather, and the bottom head which is God being birthed. In this case, the screeching noise could symbolize the physical pain of giving birth.

It could also be the dichotomy of Heather being Alessa Gillespie and vice-versa, each side fighting for dominance while hurting those around them as a result. The screeching in this case would reflect the physical pain that Heather experiences when Alessa's memories begin to surface.

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