The Titan Cronos, with Pandora's Temple chained to his back

Pandora's Temple is a massive stone structure appearing in God of War. The temple was built by Pathos Verdes III by order of the three main gods - Zeus, Poseidon and Hades - to house Pandora's Box, the most powerful weapon a mortal can wield. The temple is chained to the back of the titan Cronos, and hidden deep in the Desert of Lost Souls.

The Temple of Pandora is filled with traps, designed to stop any mortal with plans of using Pandora's Box against Zeus and Olympus. At first, these traps are straight forward, such as the spiked roller in the Rings of Pandora and the fireball trap of the Dark Halls. However, the deeper one goes into the temple, the more convoluted the traps become, a representation of the madness Pathos suffered after his son's deaths. Eventually, traps include the use of his sons and even his wife's skull to continue on.


Pandora's BridgeEdit

Pandora's Bridge is a bridge that leads up to the temple. Most people able to survive the days-long climb up Cronos will fid themselves here. Nearby can be found the Body Burner's pyre, where the immortal remains of the first man to die in the temple burns the corpses of those killed inside.

Rings of PandoraEdit

The Rings of Pandora are four circular hallways that surround the lower levels of the temple. The first ring is just a long circular corridor, with a passage that leads to the Temple of the Crystal Eye, by pulling the lever the rings can rotate to reveal other passages that lead to the Challenge of Atlas and the Chamber of the Gods. The second circle is another hallway, with a giant spiked roller running through it. The central ring is a pool of water that surrounds a giant statue of Zeus, within the water there's a tunnel that leads to the Challenge of Hades. Also there's a wooden ladder that can be found there that goes up to a platform which contains a hallway that leads to the Challenge of Poseidon; the only way to reach it is by jumping on the spiked roller and then jumping from it onto the ladder. The innermost ring is a small chamber hidden underneath the statue of Zeus. Inside is a crystal that, once connected by a beam of light to the crystal in the Temple of the Crystal Eye, will allow people to ascend to the upper levels.

Temple of the Crystal EyeEdit

The Temple of the Crystal Eye is a small chamber that extends from the outer part of the Rings of Pandora. It is protected by a long hallway of spike crushers. In the middle of the chamber is a large pool of water, and at the other end is an alcove with a lever. Pulling the lever stops the spiked crushers and also reveals two handles. When the handles are turned, they put together a giant crystal. After completing all three of the challenges of Pandora's Temple, one must push the levers to form the crystal, which then shoots a beam of light all the way to the center of the Rings of Pandora. This activates an elevator of sorts, which will take them to the upper levels of the temple.

Chamber of the GodsEdit

The Chamber of the Gods is a small chamber beyond the Rings of Pandora. The doorway to the chamber is sealed by a mural of the Muses. If one is able to find two of the four Muse Keys hidden within the temple, they can insert them into the mural, which will open a passage into this chamber. Within are three streams of magical sand. Bathing underneath the sands offers a blessing from the gods.

Challenge of AtlasEdit

The Challenge of Atlas is the first of the three main parts of the lower levels of Pandora's Temple. Here, the hero must make their way through a series of hallways and corridors, fighting off monsters and avoiding dangerous traps. After that, they must then scale the Cliffs of Atlas, before finally coming to the tomb of the Architect's first son. By using a certain lever, they can make a statue of the titan Atlas throw the world at the doors guarding the architect's son. Upon taking the architect's son's skull, a room opens up that leads back to the Temple of the Crystal Eye, and it becomes possible to unlock the door to the Challenge of Poseidon. One of the Muse Keys is hidden here.

Challenge of PoseidonEdit

The Challenge of Poseidon is the second challenge of the lower levels of the temple. It starts out as a series of cliffs on the very outer edge of the temple. After that, one must make a sacrifice to Poseidon (the sacrifice is either an Athenian or a Undead Legionnaire, depending on the version of the game), after which they are then allowed passage deeper into the temple, where Poseidon's Trident is hidden. The trident grants the bearer ability to swim indefinitely, without need of air, allowing them to explore the numerous underwater passageways within this part of the temple. Two of the Muse Keys are hidden here.

Challenge of HadesEdit

With Poseidon's Trident in their possession, one must dive and swim through a passage in the center pool of the Rings of Pandora, which brings them to the Challenge of Hades. This is the third and final challenge of the temple's lower levels. The first room is the Chamber of Hades, where one must sacrifice Centaurs to Hades. Next is a large maze. The monsters killed here are used to illuminate the Dark Halls. Once there, one must find the exit, whilst avoiding dangerous rolling fireballs. Finally, one must defeat Pandora's Guardian and somehow unlock the door it guards. Inside is the tomb of the Architect's second son, who's skull must be used used like the first son's, to unlock another door. The fourth and final Muse Key is hidden here.

Cliffs of MadnessEdit

The Cliffs of Madness are a large series of sheer cliffs high above the lower floors of the temple. This area is the first place challengers reach after ascending from the lower levels. It is so named, because its puzzles and traps reflect the strong insanity of Pathos at this point of construction. If one can survive the traps of this location, which are much more dangerous than those found in the lower levels, then they will reach the Architect's own tomb and be one step closer to Pandora's Box.

Architect's TombEdit

The Architect's tomb is the final resting place of the architect of Pandora's Temple, Pathos Verdes III, and his wife. Whilst referred to as the Architect's Tomb, it most likely wasn't intended to be, as it is actually the site of the murder of his wife and his own suicide. It is located at the very top of the Cliffs of Madness. The doors into the tomb itself are guarded by a series of moving platforms, with spinning buzzsaws running between them. One must use his wife's head to unlock a doorway that leads beyond the tomb to Zeus Mountain, the final challenge before Pandora's Box.

Zeus MountainEdit

Zeus Mountain is the highest part in all of Pandora's Temple. Upon Zeus Mountain is a statue of the head of Zeus himself, with a doorway beneath it. The doorway leads to a winding staircase, which leads to the final room of the temple, the Hall of Trials. Beyond that chamber is the main prize of those that enterred the temple, Pandora's Box. So far, only Kratos himself has seen this part of the Temple and lived to tell the tale.


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