Pandora's Guardian
Pandora's Guardian 1
General Information
Name Pandora's Guardian
Other Names The Guardian, Minotaur
Origin God of War
Location/Habitat Pandora's Temple
Height 20ft
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Language None
Abilities Superhuman stength, partial control over lava
Threat Level Extinct
Pandora's Guardian 2

Pandora's Guardian, after being stripped of it's armour

Pandora's Guardian is a massive undead minotaur encountered by Kratos during the first game in the God of War series, which wears a nearly impenetrable armour. The guardian makes its home in the Hades segment of the Temple of Pandora, protecting the door to the Architect's son's tomb. There is a theory that the guardian is in fact the original Minotaur of Crete, brought back to life after its death at the hands of Theseus to guard Pandora's Box.


Pandora's Guardian appears as a fully-armoured minotaur at first. However, after Kratos had hit it with enough balista bolts to shatter its armour, it was revealed to be undead. The creature's body has been skinned, whilst it's head has no flesh remaining on it, being just a skull. The guardian stands at roughly 20 feet whilst hunched over, as seen during its fight with Kratos. However, it's full size is somewhere between 40 and 80 feet, at the very least.


Partly due to its enormous size, Pandora's Guardian has extraordinary strength. As it was born in the depths of the Underworld, and is a servant to Hades, the Minotaur can also engulf challengers in a wave of molten lava. Pandora's Guardian also has a tremendous charge attack, in which he slams his body into the ledge which the balista is built in to, causing lava to spurt from below, showering victims in volcanic downpour. However, this strategy was only used against Kratos after he'd knocked away a section of its armour, as no one else could best it in combat before it. Without its armour, the minotaur's speed increases considerably.

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