Ogre dragon age
General Information
Name Ogre
Origin Dragon Age: Origins
Location/Habitat The Deep Roads, Thedas
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Semi-Sentient
Language None
Magic User Unknown
Ogres are the massive, brutish shock troopers of the Darkspawn horde. Dwarfing other Darkspawn, Ogres attack opponents with brute force and monumental strength, acting as living siege weapons.


Ogres are created by Broodmothers who were once female Qunari. Ogres have horns because most Qunari are born with horns. Ogres have appeared in previous Blights, prior to the Qunari's arrival at Par Vollen. It is believed that this is the result of a colony of Kossith (horned humanoids similar to Qunari) having settled in the southern Korcari Wilds, before it was overrun by Darkspawn, resulting in the creation of the first Ogres.


  • Ogre Alpha - Stronger than normal Ogres, Alphas are usually accompanied by Shrieks
  • Ogre Commander - A powerful Ogre Alpha that commands its own small force of Darkspawn.
  • Armoured Ogre - Ogres wearing patchwork armour created from scavenged breastplates and shields.
  • Armoured Ogre Alpha - Ogre Alphas wearing patchwork armour.

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