Nurses are a type of monster in the Silent Hill series that, as their name suggests, resemble nurses. Nurses are mainfested by the town the moment a person, usually the player character, enters either Alchemilla Hospital in Old Silent Hill or Brookhaven Hospital in South Vale. The Nurses share many common traits across the entire series, with alterations both large and small that reflect the mentality and personality traits of the game's protagonist (and in some cases, such as the original Silent Hill, other characters). Generally they wear uniforms that reflect those of contemporary nurses, though in the first Silent Hill game the Nurses wear a much older form of attire, including cardigans, rather than modern-day nurse scrubs.


Puppet Nurse (Silent Hill)

Bubble Head Nurse (Silent Hill 2)

Nurse (Silent Hill 3)

Patient (Silent Hill 4: The Room)

Faceless Nurse (Silent Hill: Origins)

Nurse (Silent Hill: Homecoming)

Dark Nurse (Silent Hill film)

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