General Information
Name Nosalis
Other Names Упырь (Russian - Upyir)
Origin Metro 2033 (game)
Location/Habitat Moscow Metro
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Sentient Semi-sentient
Language None
Abilities Sonic attack (Winged Variant)
Nosalis (plural: Nosalises, Russian: Упырь - Upyir' ) is a catchall term for the most common form of mutants encountered in the video game adaptation of Metro 2033 and its sequel, Metro: Last Light. They are the game’s most frequent enemy, being featured on most underground levels. There are six known variants encountered in the series, although there may be more types hidden throughout the metro tunnels.


All nosalises are similar to librarians as both are hunched over and humanoid in shape. However, nosalises are smaller and only dangerous when in packs whereas librarians are extremely tough to kill and at least two and a half times the size of a nosalis.


Common NosalisEdit


A common nosalis

Common nosalises are easily distinguished from others of the species by their pinkish skin tone and lanky arms. This variant’s relative weakness is offset by one factor; they’re always encountered en masse. With a toothy maw and a vicious disposition, these nosalises are a force to be reckoned with, for new explorers and veterans alike.

Dark NosalisEdit

D nosalis

A dark nosalis

Stronger than the common variant, these nosalises are easy to distinguish from the rest because of their darker hair. They take more damage, deal more damage, and are more frequently found in the center of the metro. Massive hordes of these variants make their homes near the entrances to Metro D6.

Winged NosalisEdit

W nosalis

A winged nosalis

One of the rarer subtypes, winged nosalises are the female of the species. Winged nosalises have a lengthy, pronounced nose, with a smaller mouth than other nosalises, as well as vestigial membranes of skin under their arms hinting at wings. They also have a split lower jaw, irritated red flesh surrounding the eyes and heavily clawed feet. These versions are faster than normal nosalises, and have the ability to jump much further. They also have the ability to unleash a powerful sonic attack which sends a wave of sonic distortion that inflicts damage, causes dizziness, and can stun opponents for short periods of time. Their strengths, however, are offset by poor endurance; they take less shots to bring down than a common nosalis.

Albino NosalisEdit

A nosalis

An albino nosalis attacks a Ranger.

A rare variant of the common nosalis, this kind of nosalis has only been seen once, when it killed the ranger Boris outside D6. They are identified by their pale white fur tone, luminescent eyes, and a massive jaw span.

Plated NosalisEdit

P nosalis

A plated nosalis

The most powerful - and rarest - of all nosalis strains. The smartest of the family, plated nosalises only appear in the vicinity of D6. Their namesake comes from the chitinous plates on their heads and on their backs; they generally have a more streamlined appearance than other nosalises and are harder to pick out in the dark due to their coloration. Making matters worse, they can see perfectly in total darkness. Fortunately, for all their strengths, they have two weaknesses; they always growl when exiting a tunnel, and their eyes, adapted for the dark, are easily flash-blinded; shining a flashlight directly on a plated nosalis will cause it to shrink back, momentarily blinded. Artyom only encountered two of these during the events of the game.

Nosalis RhinoEdit


The Nosalis Rhino

The Nosalis Rhino is the equivalent to a brood-mother or alpha female among Nosalises. It's name is derived from it's method of attack: charging at prey in a similar fashion to a rhino. Although female, she differs greatly from the Winged Nosalis, as seen in the picture to the right.

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