Nemean Lion (Hercules)
The Nemean lion is a monster originating from Greek mythology. This ferocious beast was said to be coated with golden fur that was completely impenetrable, making it impossible to kill with mortal weapons. The lion's claws were able to cut through any armour.

The lion made its lair in the vicinity of Nemea, terrorizing the city and killing many residents. It also abducted women from the city in order to lure warriors to their deaths.

The First Labour of HeraclesEdit

According to the legend, Heracles' first labour was to slay the Nemean lion. The lion's pelt could not be cut or torn or pierced, but at least one version of the myth tells that Heracles killed the lion by shooting arrows into the beast's mouth. Other versions of the tale state that Heracles strangled the lion to death.

After slaying the lion, Heracles attempted to skin the creature. His knife could not cut the creature, but Athena appeared before him and told him to use the lion's own claws to cut it. Heracles did as Athena said and skinned the lion using its own claws. He then wore the lion's pelt, gaining its strength.

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