General Information
Name Nali
Origin Unreal
Location/Habitat Na Pali
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Language Nali
Psychic Creature Possibly
Abilities Teleportation
Threat Level No threat

The Nali are a humanoid race of primitive aliens from the Unreal series of games. Native to the planet Na Pali, the Nali are a peaceful race who are now part of the Skaarj's interplanetary empire. The Nali are deeply religious, and can often be found in deep prayer. Their prayers will sometimes be answered by the ability to teleport or by opening a wall, although it is unknown if this is their god or some kind of machinery that can only be activated by their species. They are also very timid, percieving the tiniest act of violence in their general area, even in their defence, as a threat.


Nali are very similar to humans. The few differences they have are an extra pair of arm, an bald, elongated head and a flattened nose.


The Nali religion is similar to both Buddhism and Hinduism. It frowns on violence and has it's own god. Few actual beliefs are known outside Na Pali. What is known is that the Nali believe the Skaarj to be demons sent down by angry gods because of something they'd done. They believed that one day, a chosen one would free them from their "demonic" masters and bring their world peace. Two of their few known gods are Chizra, the water god and Vandora, the goddess of lightning.


Some time before the events of Unreal, the Nali were enslaved by the Skaarj. The Skaarj forced the Nali to mine tarydium crystals from the Rrajigar Mines. They weren't allowed to leave and so the Skaarj kept them under guard at all times so they wouldn't teleport. The Nali would pray for the chosen one to appear and save them. When the human prison ship Vortex Rikers crashed on Na Pali, they thought their prayers had been answered by Prisoner 849. The prisoner escaped the planet, killing the Skaarj queen and freeing the Nali in Rrajigar in the process, but was sent back by the captain of the battle cruiser UMS Bodega Bay to find a lost ship, the UMS Prometheus. As the prisoner went back across the planet to find the ship and then, after learning that the Bodega Bayhad betrayed them, to escape again, the prisoner freed more colonies, but not all. They killed the Skaarj warlord in charge of the clan on Na Pali, leaving it completely leaderless, but otherwise, the Nali are still waiting for divine intervention.

Whilst it is not explicitly mentioned, it is possible that, after humanity's victory over the Skaarj during the Human/Skaarj War, the Liandri Mining Corporation helped free the Nali, though not intentionally. This is because of the planet's rich Tarydium deposits, coupled with possible Tournament arenas such as the Rrajigar Mines, leading Liandri towards the planet for their own gain, and seeing the Skaarj (and possibly the Nali) as an obstacle.

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