Mutated bear cubs.

The Mutated Bear is a female bear in Metro: Last Light, that lives on the surface but has been changed little (besides an increase in height) from a normal, unmutated bear. She appears to be the mortal enemy of the watchers, as they help Artyom during the events of the game to kill her.


The bear is a massive black bear, covered in scars and with an exposed spine. Whether these are from the radiation or previous fights is unknown. While still bear-like in basic, her head is covered in tumorous growths, similar to a black librarian and her jaw has been mangled from the same possible causes of her other wounds.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

  • Endurance - The bear shrugs off attacks from bullets and watchers, although suffers from combined assaults.
  • Strength - The bear is a mass of mutated muscle, able to tear most foes apart with ease.
  • Motherly - The bear only attacks those who she believes are a threat to her cubs. As they cannot defend themselves, the cubs can be used as a way to lure her out.

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