Mr widemouth

An artist's depiction of Mr. Widemouth

Mr. Widemouth is an obscure creature that preys on children. However, unlike other monsters that prey on the young, Mr. Widemouth doesn't actually attack them, but tries to trick them into commiting suicide. Mr. Widemouth is known to hide under the child's bed, to protect himself from the less trusting parents. However, once the parents are away from the room, the creature will come out of hiding and will play with the child. At first, these are simple games a child would play, ranging from Hide and Seek to board game, or even just reading and keeping the child company. However, as the child grows more trusting of him, Mr. Widemouth will attempt to teach them new games that almost always end with the child's death.


Mr. Widemouth appears very similar to a Furby toy, possessing a small furry body with an oversized head. However, the face appears to be more bear than bird, unlike the popular children's toy. All it's facial features are oversized, from it's eyes and ears to it's insane smile.


Mr. Widemouth has been around for a long time, living in a large house in New Vineyard, Maine. However, it's only been recorded by one person. This person, who remains nameless, was a child when they first met. At the time, the child was too sick to leave their room, and so he would only read the child's books. However, after three-four days, he told the child that he'd like to play a new game with them, a secret game that the child's parents couldn't learn about. Taking the child to a room on the other side of the house, he told them that they'd be playing pretend: if you pretend hard enough after jumping out the window, a trampoline will magically appear and you'll bounce back through the window. He also explained that they couldn't play this game on a lower, safer floor, as the game wouldn't be as fun. The child, skeptical, told him that they couldn't play, as their imagination wasn't strong enough. The next day, Mr. Widemouth grabbed out a box of knives, offering to teach the child how to juggle with them. Again, the child declined. This continued for weeks, with the creature offering new and even more dangerous games and the child refusing, up until they were able to leave their room. At this time, Mr. Widemouth showed the child a deer path, saying that he used to take his other friends down this path, and that someday, he'd take them down it too, when they were ready (the person whom recorded this returned to the site of their old house years later, and followed this same path to the New Vineyard Memorial Cemetary, where the majority of graves belonged to children, quite likely Mr. Widemouth's previous "friends").

The house that he called home was eventually demolished and, it is assumed, Mr. Widemouth died with it. However, it is unknown if more of these creatures exist or if Mr. Widemouth was the only one of his kind.

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