Mr. Maws are monsters appearing in the game The Binding of Isaac. It is a fusion two other creatures, the Maw and the Pacer.


Mr. Maws are pale-skinned humanoids with their mouths wide open and blood spilling from their empty eye sockets.


  • When a Mr. Maw gets close to Isaac, it launches it's head (Still attached by what appears to be it's spine) at him.
  • If the head is destroyed first, a Mr. Maw becomes a Pacer; if the body is killed first, it becomes a Maw. It also seems to be possible to shoot a Mr. Maw in the neck while its head is extended to split it into both a Pacer and a Maw.
  • Occasionally, Mr. Maws will split into both a Pacer and a Maw, without any interference by Isaac.

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