Mark slender
Mark Slender is the main antagonist of indie-horror game Haunt (formerly Haunt: The Real Slender Game). Although very similar to the Slender Man, it and Slender are seperate beings.


Mark Slender was a reporter or journalist for an unknown company. He, along with several others, had been sent to a location to report suspicious activity at a power plant out in a forest. Upon arrival and during investigation, Slender and his team were marked for termination, as the power plant had been commissioned by the Nazis for producing an unknown experimental substance.

Slender dead

Mark Slender, after his death

Slender's group discovered this function, as well as the nearby death camp. In order to keep their secrets safe, the Nazis terminated the investigation crew. Slender had managed to escape from the Waffen SS, and hid inside of a bunker. The SS decided it would be easier just to burn him alive, and set the bunker aflame. The chemicals inside the bunker caused a strange reaction to Slender, however. As a result, Slender became a paranormal entity. He then proceeded to attack the facility and couldn't appear to be stopped.

Decades later, the player character happens upon a car sitting outside the fence to the area. The car is still running, meaning it was recently abandoned. At this point, he/she is attacked and hunted by Mark Slender.


Slender face

A close-up of Slender's face

Slender is very similar in appearance to the Slender Man. Unlike the Slender Man, however, he actually has a face, albeit it's horribly disfigured thanks to the fire and chemicals. He still has teeth, although the rest of his face has been melted into one blob of flesh, similar to the Slender Man's own head. Slender wears a striped suit, unlike the Slender Man, who wears a solid black suit and tie. Slender is also very bright, lighting up brightly against the darkness.


Slender shares many abilities with the Slender Man, including teleportation and tendrils. He also floats along the ground, unlike the generally immobile Slender Man, and his teleportation is limited. He can pass through solid objects, similar to spirits and causes electrical disturbances.

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