304px-Hunter γ
The MA-124 Hunter "γ" is an amphibious variant of the Hunter. It was developed by Umbrella's European division as the company reinvestigated the possibility of aquatic-based B.O.W.'s following the failure of Dr. James Marcus's Lurker experiment. Its scaly skin is blue with a white underbelly and red neck sac. It has long arms like the Alpha model, but its hands and feet are more akin to the feet of a frog and have smaller claws. The Gammas have no eyes, relying on smell to track their prey, whom they will swallow whole with their large, toothless mouthes. Due to their amphibious nature, the Gamma models were considerably difficult to transport and maintain outside the proper environment. They are ill-suited to hot and dry environments, making them less than ideal weapons.

These frog-like creatures appeared in Resident Evil 3 and could only be found in a flooded laboratory beneath Raccoon City General Hospital. While searching for a T-virus vaccine to cure the wounded Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira encountered a small number Gamma Hunters and was able to kill them before the hospital was destroyed.

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