Lying Figure
General Information
Name Lying Figure
Other Names Straightjacket, Patient Demon, Armless Man
Origin Silent Hill 2
Location/Habitat Silent Hill, Fog World
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Unknown, possibly
Language None
Abilities Poisonous Spray
Threat Level Dangerous

Lying Figures, nicknamed Straightjackets or Patient Demons by fans and renamed Armless Men for the movie, are creatures appearing in Silent Hill 2 and the Silent Hill movie. They are one of the first monsters seen in Silent Hill 2 and normally attack by spraying a poisonous mist from a hole in their chest at their victim. One should be careful not to confuse the Lying Figure with Straightjacket from Silent Hill: Origins. The Lying Figure symbolizes a hospital patient squirming in agony, which is a manifestation of James's internal suffering.


The Lying Figure's bodies are trapped in what appear to be straightjackets made from their own flesh, covering them from head to toe, with feminine legs and buttocks, and platform shoes hidden underneath their flesh. When they scurry across the ground, they make a high-pitched wailing noise that sounds like the scraping of metal against cement.

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