The Huntsman
General Information
Name The Huntsman
Other Names Slender Man (originally)
Origin Huntsman: The Orphanage
Location/Habitat Grimhaven Orphanage, Illinois, USA
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Language Unknown, likely none
Psychic Creature Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Threat Level Avoid at all costs

The Huntsman is the primary antagonist of ShadowShifters' indie horror game Huntsman: The Orphanage. This creature originally came to our world during the time of the Black Plague, and has since found a home in Grimhaven Orphanage, Illinois. It is said that he hunts the lost and the lonely, drawing them each into their own personal oblivion - an existence within a place of no light, sound or sensation, forevermore. He draws his own satisfaction from the dark energy of each victim’s sense of loss and hopelessness.


The Huntsman is a disturbing creature, appearing as a mix of 15th century plague doctor, spider and steampunk culture. The lower half of the Huntsman's body is a set of mechanical spider's legs, whilst the upper body is clearly humanoid. The upper body wears a suit which is covered in various pocket watches. The arms end in long claws, similar to a bird's talons. The Huntsman's face is hidden by a metal mask in the shape of a bird's head, much like a plague doctor's own mask. However, whereas the original plague doctor's mask doesn't cover the eyes, the Huntsman's mask has a pair of rose-coloured lens covering his eyes, effectively hiding it's face completely.


The Huntsman, a time traveler of sorts, came to be in our particular thread of time and space during the Black Plague of the 1400’s. He was initially attracted to the negative energy amassed through the emotional stress of the thousands of survivors. However, since then, he had found a bountiful harvest of human misery, enough to warrant leaving his dimension permanently to make ours his new home. On the night of June 17th 1898, a dozen children disappeared from Grimhaven Orphanage, Illinois... seemingly without a trace. Though it was unknown how at the time, rumours persisted - and evidence found in the game prove - that the cause of the disappearance was indeed the Huntsman, who had taken up residence in the orphanage. Sometime in the present day, an unknown Caucasian male - the player - visited the crumbling overgrown ruins of the orphanage, urged on by his own curiosity and a desire for hard evidence that the Huntsman may actually exist.


  • Huntsman slender

    The Huntsman, back when he was the Slender Man

    Huntsman old

    The original form of the Huntsman

    Before reaching it's final form, ShadowShifters came up with two other plans for the Huntsman. The first was the Slender Man, who's only changes from the modern-day incarnation was the suit, being from the time period the children in the orphanage disappeared, rather than the modern day black suit it is depicted in now. The second incarnation changed the creature's appearance in minor ways. Rather than the Slender Man's blank face, the metallic bird mask was added, and also the Slender Man's tentacles became more mechanical, rather than an extension of it's physical form. In fact, the Huntsman's suit is the only constant in it's design, having only lost the lower half since it's early days as the Slender Man.

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