Gchild game

A Grey Child brandishing a knife

Gchild movie

A Grey Child as seen in the Silent Hill movie

Grey Children are humanoid creatures found in the town of Silent Hill, especially the local school. Apppearing in the cursed version of the town, also known as the Otherworld. These creatures usually attack in pairs or groups of three. Unlike the similar mumblers, grey children are surprisingly quick. The grey children are a distorted perception of Alessa Gillespie's classmates, although according to the Silent Hill movie, they are her classmates, cursed to feel the same pain she felt when she was killed for bullying her during her school years.


In the game, grey children are slender, grey-skinned humanoids with long arms, wielding a knife. In the movie, they are very similar to their video game appearance. Their skull has been twisted to the side and they are burning from the inside out, screaming like a child in immense pain. The grey children in the film don't carry a knife like their video game counterparts

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