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The Great Knife is a massive blade used by Pyramid Head in the Silent Hill series. First appearing in Silent Hill 2, this immense blade is perhaps the strongest weapon in the series, able to kill most monsters in a single hit. However, it's immense weight makes it impractical in all but the most extreme cases. The weapon is so heavy that even Pyramid Head himself cannot move at his full speed while wielding it (if one were to watch the fight against Pyramid Head in the Blue Creek Apartments and the fight against two Pyramid Heads in Lakeview Hotel, they can notice a slight increase to his speed in the latter). A similar weapon, known as the Bogeyman Knife, is wielded by the Silent Hill: Homecoming incarnation of Pyramid Head.


P head2

Pyramid Head with the Silent Hill film's great knife

The Great Knife resembles a giant, rusty chef's knife. The handle of the weapon is continuous with the sharpened edge of the blade, which, considering the weight of the weapon, makes it rather top-heavy. The weapon is commonly heard before it's wielder is seen, being dragged along the floor. The blade is similar to the knife James gets from Angela Orosco before his first fight with "that red pyramid thing".


The Great Knife was used by Pyramid Head for the first half of the game. It was first seen when Pyramid Head attacks James in the stairwell of the Blue Creek Apartments. It isn't seen again until James reaches the labyrinth underneath the Silent HIll Historical Society, where James can find it sitting on a bench in what has been dubbed "Pyramid Head's room". 

It's next appearance was during Silent Hill 4: The Room, where it was used by Walter Sullivan as the "heavy tool" for the Ritual of the Holy Assumption. It was found by Harry Townshend in a secret room of inside his apartment. After this it was used by Pyramid Head in the Silent Hill film and it's sequel, Silent Hill Revelations. It's appearance changes in both of these: in Silent Hill, it's a single solid blade with a handle at one end, whilst in Revelations, it appears very similar to a katana.

It then appeared in Silent Hill: Book of Memories', where it is dropped by Pyramid Head after he's killed. The final appearance in the series to date was the final issue of the comic Sinner's Reward, where Pyramid Head uses it to kill Finn Conway before he can shoot Jack Stanton

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