General Information
Name Goomba
Origin Super Mario Bros.
Location/Habitat Mushroom Kingdom
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Language Unknown
Magic User No
Psychic Creature No

Goombas are amongst the most common creatures encountered in the Super Mario video games. A common species in the Mushroom Kingdom, they resemble small brown mushrooms that walk about on two stubby feet. Their faces are fixed in a permanent frown, they have small fangs jutting up from their lower lips and have no arms. Although they can be found all over the Mushroom Kingdom, it seems that the majority of the Goomba race are allied with the Koopa Clan and are loyal to Bowser.


As enemies, Goombas are rather pathetic. They aren't very bright and tend to attack enemies simply by charging at them (Let's face it, what else are they going to do?). They are pretty hopeless in battle since they can be defeated with a single stomp on the head, but if there's one thing Goombas have going for them, it's perseverance. It seems that no matter how many of them get flattened by Mario, the Goombas continue marching onward for the glory of Bowser without fear or hesitation. But then again, this lack of self-preservation could simply be a result of the Goombas' aforementioned stupidity.

Goomba sub-typesEdit

There are many Goomba sub-types that have appeared across several Mario games.

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