The Excremental
"Not born, shit into existence." - The Golgothan, Dogma

The Golgothan - also referred to as a "shit demon" or "excremental" - is a vile creature composed of human excrement. It was brought into existence from the pain and misery of the people of Golgotha who were put to death by crucification and given form by the waste excreted by the victims upon death. Its stench is unbearable and can diminish a person's will to fight, causing most to flee from it. Anyone who can fight a Golgothan is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid (or simply has no sense of smell).

In the 1999 film Dogma, the demon Azrael summoned a Golgothan to find and kill the Last Scion, Bethany Sloane. The monster failed thanks to the quick-thinking (or sheer dumb luck) of Silent Bob, who knocked the creature out with an aerosol.

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