"I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!"  - Goku

Son Goku, or Goku is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise. Born Kakarot, he is the son of Bardock and Gine, adoptive grandson of Grandpa Gohan, the husband of Chi-Chi, the father of Gohan and Goten, the grandfather of Pan, and the great-great-grandfather of Goku Jr. Goku is a Saiyan originally sent to Earth as an infant with the mission to destroy it; something not uncommon amongst Saiyans, as most children are already strong enough to destroy a planet the size of Earth. However, an accident alters his memory, causing him to grow up pure-hearted and later become Earth's greatest defender, as well as the informal leader of the group known as the Z-Fighters. Throughout his life, he trains hard and strives to be the greatest warrior possible, while at the same time using his amazing strength and skills to uphold peace.

He has amazing martial arts ability, godlike strength and speed, energy manipulation, possible ability to breathe in space, eventually learns teleportation, some psychic power (telekinesis, prophetic dreams [as a baby and at the beginning of the android saga], telepathy, possibly read people's minds), and has even broken the laws of the afterlife. He also has an influence on most animals that makes them feel safe around him and allowing him to do things no other person would be able or allowed to do, such as letting him watch baby pterosaurs hatch and convinces other predatory animals to join him, and even staying near and possibly comforting him in the movie Cooler's revenge when he was injured by Cooler's darkness eye beams. Goku also has trypanophobia, the fear of needles. If he even sees a needle he will panic, even refusing to go into a hospital for food even though it was the only place to get food on the planet. He also has an insane appetite, being able to eat fifty-seven full course meals and still be hungry when he was just a kid. Despite Goku's love of fighting, he does not like to kill and will often give his enemies multiple chances to change their ways.

Goku is based off of Sun Wukong (called Son Goku in the japanese version) from Journey to the West, a chinese/buddhist novel.

Goku is popular worldwide, being referenced in many forms of media, inspired many characters from other anime, has a band named after him, and is worshipped by people who practice "Gokuism".


Goku has spiky black hair that never changes throughout the franchise. He is most commonly seen wearing his trademark orange gi over a dark blue undershirt. The gi has featured Master Roshi's, Kami's, Go- symbol, and King Kai's kanji on its left side (over the heart) and also on the back. He wears dark blue wristbands, along with dark blue boots that are outfitted with yellow laces. He originally wore a blue obi over his waist, although after the death of Frieza, this was swapped with a blue sash. As a super saiyan and super saiyan two, his hair becomes gold and sticks up and his eyes become a blue-green color, the only visible difference between the two transformations being the amount of bangs. As a super saiyan three his hair becomes gold and lengthens to his knees, his eyes turn blue-green, and his eyebrows disappear. As a super saiyan god, his hair becomes slightly spikier and turns red along with his eyes. As a kid, he has a tail due to his Saiyan heritage and also wields the Power Pole. He did not wear the blue undershirt and boots until his teenage years, instead wearing simple shoes.

Goku's skin tone changes from a pale tone to a darker and almost tan tone at the end of Dragon Ball Z, which continues into the anime-only series Dragon Ball GT. His outfit in the GT series consists of a blue gi with a white sash, pink wristbands, ochre pants, and black kung fu shoes with white stockings. As a Super Saiyan 4 he completely loses his gi and his body is covered with scarlet fur. His tail returns, although it changes from brown to the more reddish color. His trademark hairstyle is gone, making his hair longer and even more wild. His eyes change to golden-yellow and has a red-lining around them. His wristbands and stockings turn blue while his sash changes to a stone blue color.


Dragon BallEdit

Goku was born on Planet Vegeta, where he was born with the third class saiyan power level of two. Planthor, one of the doctors, though, remarked at his loud cries and commented that he had "a warrior's cry", and was named Kakarot (Japanese version Kakarotto), which is an honorable name for a saiyan (and is also a pun on "carrot"). He was sent to planet Earth to wipe out the human race, but was supposedly quickly forgotten.

He was discovered by an old man named Son Gohan (not to be mistaken for Goku's son) and is adopted by him. Goku giggles and kicks him in the face and Gohan tells him to go easy on him as "I'm old enough to be your grandpa you know." From this point foreword Gohan is refered to as Grandpa Gohan. Grandpa Gohan calls him Son Goku (in Japan the surname goes before the first name). At first he is an ornery misbehaving boy, but during a walk he falls out of Gohan's basket and falls down a ravine. Goku almost dies from this, but recovers. Not only does he recover, but he becomes a loving, happy child. When Goku becomes older, Grandpa Gohan teaches him kame-sennin (a made up form of martial arts that translates into "turtle hermit style") and gives him the Nyoibo (power pole) and the four-star dragon ball. Sadly, one night Goku accidently looks at the full moon and becomes a great saiyan ape, losing control and killing his adoptive grandpa. However, he was told by Gohan that if someone looks at the moon a giant monkey monster will come, and doesn't realize he killed his grandpa. After that he continues to live at Mt. Paozu and befriends most of the animals there (except for the fish, which he often eats and they try to eat him).

When he is about twelve years old, he encounters Bulma, a bossy teenage girl with purple/blue hair. Goku has never seen anyone except for his grandpa and has never seen any form of technology. He thinks her car is a monster and she is a witch for using her capsules to make things appear and for shooting him (which, by the way, only manages to give him a headache). He remarks that girls are softer and curvier than guys and thinks
280px-Goku On The Flying Nimbus

Goku on the Flying Nimbus

that girls' tails take longer to grow in. She explains to him that the dragon balls can grant wishes and tricks him into letting her use his when they gather all of them. Goku decides to be her bodyguard so he can become stronger. Goku saves Bulma from a pterosaur and destroys Emperor Pilaf's plane which he thinks is a giant bird that he wants to eat. Goku finds a lost sea turtle and decides to return it back to the ocean. Bulma doesn't want to go but is scared to go anywhere without Goku and follows them. Goku saves them from a bear that wants to eat the turtle and takes them to the ocean. The turtle (whose name is Turtle) tells them to wait there and comes back the next day with Master Roshi, a martial arts master, also known as the Turtle Hermit and inventor of kame sennin, and also taught it to Grandpa Gohan. Master Roshi rewards Goku with the flying nimbus, saying that he can have it if he can ride it. Goku, being pure of heart, is able to ride it easily while no one else can. And they gather another dragon ball.

Goku and Bulma arrive at a village where a dragon ball is kept, however, it appears to be a ghost town. They go into a house, and a villager, thinking Goku is Oolong, whacks him on the head with an ax. Goku only gets a bump on his head and the villager begs him not to take his daughter. They learn that a shapeshifting monster, Oolong, has been terrorizing the village and is forcing the villager to give his only daughter, Pochawompa, to him as a wife. At this point, Goku has figured out a rather disturbing way to find out if someone is a male or female. In exchange for the dragon ball, Bulma forces Goku to dress as a girl to trick Oolong and free the other girls. However, Goku relieves himself under a tree when he thinks Oolong isn't looking and blows his cover. Goku then fights Oolong when Oolong retreats. Goku chases after him and asks a pig he finds if he knows where Oolong is. The pig says no, but is later revealed to be Oolong after Goku pursues him, as he can only transform for five minutes or less. After revealing that his married life is miserable, Oolong begs the villagers to take their daughters back and goes with Bulma and Goku.

While crossing Diablo Desert, they are attacked by Yamcha, a bandit, and his friend Puar, a cat who went to the same shapeshifting school as Oolong and was bullied by him. Goku fights Yamcha and is hit by his wolf fang fist. They think that Goku is dead, but is only weakened because he is hungry. However, Yamcha, being afraid of girls, sees Bulma and runs away. That night they stay in Oolong's house wagon and Goku tells Oolong about the dragon balls. Yamcha hears this and decides to steal them. The next day Goku defeats Yamcha after he destroys the house wagon and Yamcha gives them a car to apologize (though it actually has a tracking device so he can ambush them).

They arrive at Fire Mountain, home of the fierce and terrifying Ox-King. According to legend, he had a magician make an enchanted fire to protect his treasure, but was unable to enter his castle because of the flame. After being attacked by Ox-King, Goku summons Nimbus and the Ox-King stops fighting reveals that he was trained by Master Roshi. In an effort to put out the fire, Goku and Chichi (Ox-King's daughter) go to Master Roshi's house to get the the magic Bansho fan. Unfortunately, Master Roshi used it as a pot holder and accidently threw it out because it got all dirty. However, he goes to the fire himself and puts it out wit a technique called the

Goku's first kamehameha

Kamehameha wave, a technique he spent fifty years mastering, but accidently destroys the whole mountain in the process. Goku is curious and tries the kamehameha, disappointed his only blows the wheel off their car. Master Roshi, however, is amazed that Goku was able to use the technique and makes Goku a deal that he will train him when they are done searching for the dragon balls. the Bulma, Oolong, and Goku then leave, but not before Goku is tricked into saying he will get married with Chichi, thinking that "married" is a type of food.

On the way to the next dragon ball, the make a pit stop at a village where they encounter Monster Carrot, the leader of the Rabbit Mob. He tricks Bulma into touching him, which turns people into carrots. Goku battles and defeats him andmakes him fix Bulma.Then he takes him and his hench men to the moon with his power pole, telling them if they can make enough marshmallow rabbit candies he'll let them go. Back on the way to the last dragon ball, they are attacked by Shu, one of Emperor Pilaf's minions, who steals all of the dragon balls minus the four star ball, which Goku keeps seperate from Bulma's. Yamcha takes them to Pilaf's castle but they are trapped inside a room with sleeping gas and the four star ball is taken. Emperor Pilaf summons Shenron, but Oolong transforms into a bat to slip through a hole Goku created with a kamehameha and foils his plans by wishing for a pair of underwear. Pilaf is enraged and, after they try to escape, locks them in a room with a glass ceiling that will fry them when the sun comes up. Puar, wanting to see one last bit of beauty before she dies, says the full moon is beautiful. Goku, curious, looks at the full moon and transforms, destroying the castle. Realizing the transformation is caused by his tail, Puar turns into a pair of scissors and cuts Goku's tail off. Goku reverts back to normal and Oolong thinks he's some kind of space alien. Afterwards, Goku says goodbye to go train with Master Roshi and remarks that the world is an amazing place.

Goku flies to Master Roshi's island on the flying nimbus where he finds Roshi watching a girl's exercise video and tells him that he is hungry. Master Roshi tells him to help himself to something in the fridge. When Master Roshi is done, he is shocked to see that Goku has eaten everything, "down to his last stick of butter". Master Roshi gives him a "test" before he trains him and tells him to find a pretty girl for him. First Goku brings back a large girl, which he rejects. Next he brings him a mermaid, but when Master Roshi tries a cheesy pick up line on her, she whacks him with her tail and swims away. Krillin, a boy seeking training, arrives and is told to help Goku find a girl. They find Launch surrounded by the police. Goku, thinking that the police are fakes, attacks them and helps Launch.Launch is happy to go with them and decides to train with them. Master Roshi is able to convince her that a girly black and pink outfit is the official turtle school uniform, but Launch sneezes and her sweet, pure hearted personality changes into a blond haired girl with an attitude that committed the crimes in the first place. Angry at being dressed up like a doll, she shoots them and sneezes again and is back to her blue haired self. She apologizes and explains her split personalities to them.

The four go to training island where Master Roshi makes Goku and Krillin search for a rock with the turtle symbol on it in the forest, the loser going without dinner for the night. Krillin, more cowardly than Goku, tries to trick Master Roshi, but fails. However, he is able to trick Goku into giving him the rock and Goku gets no dinner. However, Launch doesn't know that puffer fish is poisonous and makes it for dinner, making everyone except Goku sick.

Before teaching them combat skills, Master Roshi has Goku and Krillin do seemingly odd tasks (such as delivering milk on foot all over the island, plowing land by hand, and doing construction jobs) wearing a turtle shell. When they complain, Master Roshi tells them that the jobs will improve their strength and tells them he will teach them martial arts when they can move a specific large rock. However, seconds later Goku moves it and Master claims he made a mistake and takes them to a bigger rock that Goku cannot move.

The world martial arts tournament comes and Goku effortlessly wins all of his preliminary battles and makes it to the finals along with Krillin, Nam, Ranfan, Giran, Bacterian, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun (Master Roshi in
Untitled (113)

Giran forfeiting to Goku

disguise). Goku's first battle in the finals is with Giran, a dragon-like creature called a gira. Goku is almost defeated when he is caught by Giran's merry-go-round gum, but his tail grows back and he suddenly becomes strong enough to break the "unbreakable" goo. In his next battle, he fights Nam, who hits him with a cross arm dive and tells him that he will regain conciousness in less than ten days. However, Goku wakes up before the countdown is complete and is not disqualified. He kicks Nam out of the ring and makes it to the last battle with Jackie Chun. During Goku's battle with Jackie Chun the first beam struggle in the Dragon Ball franchise takes place, Goku is hypnotized and made to fall asleep but wakes up when Bulma yells out his dinner is ready, and battles so long
Untitled (109)

Goku vs Jackie Chun

that they are fighting when the full moon comes out. Goku sees the full moon and transforms. Master Roshi supposedly kills Goku, but reveals he just destroyed the moon. However, no one is really happy about this either. Goku regains conciousness and nearly wins, but lost because Master Roshi's legs were longer and therefore could put more force behind his kick. Roshi takes off his disguise in private and treats them to dinner. Goku eats fifty-seven full course meals and asks for another bowl and dessert, using up all of the prize money Master Roshi won.Goku then goes to find the four star dragon ball, since they are scattered all over the world after they are used.

Goku saves Nam from a Pterosaur and helps him find out why the river dried up. They find out the giras, Giran's people, have created a dam that they cannot break due to the fact that it is made out of merry-go-round gum, and they let Goku break it down, amazed at his strength. Goku continues on his journey and has his dragon radar stolen. Goku gets it back and chases Emperor Pilaf, who has the fake four star ball. Goku gets it back and realizes it is fake. He follows the dragon radar's signal and ends up at Ox-King's palace, where they are preparing for Goku and Chichi's wedding. He finds out that an organization called the Red Ribbon Army has attacked. Goku beats them and chases them out. He ends up being caught in an explosion in Pilaf's flying fortress that supposedly destroys the flying nimbus and lands in a forest with monkeys. After finding a dragon ball, Goku defeats Colonel Silver, who destroyed nimbus.

Still looking for the four star ball, Goku has one of the RR Army robots take him to the next dragon ball. However, it freezes along with Goku near Jingle Village and is taken home by a girl named Suno. Goku hears that the RR
Untitled (111)

Goku and Buyon

Army has kidnapped the village chief and promises to save him. Goku takes out several soldiers in the RR Army's Muscle Tower and battles an android called Major Metallitron. However, the android runs out of batteries. On the next level, Goku fights Ninja Murasaki. After a quite comical battle which involves Goku pouring boiling water down a bamboo tube Murasaki is using as a snorkel, Murasaki accidently using an american flag for camouflage, and defeating Murasaki's fiur other brothers, the ninja awakens Android 8. However, disliking violence, Android 8 befriends Goku. Goku reaches the top and General White has his pet monster Buyon fight him but it is frozen and destroyed. Goku frees the village chief and Android 8 gives Goku a dragon ball he was hiding from the army. One of the village elders reveals to Goku that flying nimbuses cannot be destroyed, and Goku is reunited with the cloud.

Goku goes to West City to have Bulma repair the dragon radar. He sees a man offering 100,000 zeni to anyone who can beat him in a fight. Goku challenges him and wins when the man forfeits. Goku asks a lady where he can find a police officer to take him to Bulma's house since he doesn't know where she lives after the lady helps Goku he gives her all of the money he won and goes to Bulma's house. Bulma joins him on his journey and later they meet Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong and go to an amusement park. Hasky, a thief hired by the Red Ribbon Army, steals the dragon balls but Goku gets them back.

They go to where the next dragon ball is and are joined by Krillin. The dragon ball is under the sea in a pirate

Octopapa and Goku

cave and they are chased by General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army. Goku fights a giant robot and a giant octopus named Octopapa. Goku is stunned by General Blue's telekinesis but is freed when a mouse startles Blue. Goku grabs the dragon ball and the mouse and they get out of the cave before it collapses. They return to Kame house where Blue ties them up, puts a bomb on the island, and steals the dragon balls. Launch returns and gets rid of the bomb and frees them and Goku chases General Blue.

They end up at Penguin Village where a robot girl named Arale and her gatchans try to help him find General Blue and the dragon balls. Senbei Norimaki, Arale's creator, fixes the dragon radar after it breaks again. Goku and Arale defeat General Blue and recover the dragon balls, but General Blue gets away with the radar.

Goku travels to The Sacred Land of Korin and recovers the four star dragon ball after defeating Captain Yellow. While there, Goku meets and befriends Upa and Bora, two of the lands natives. Unfortunately, the Red Ribbon Army hires Mercenary Tao to kill Goku and Bora is murdered. Goku battles him but loses. Goku survived because the four star dragon ball blocked Goku's heart from Tao's dodon ray. To become stronger, Goku climbs Korin's tower. When he reaches the top, Korin, a white cat, tells him that if he can catch him he will give him the sacred water that increases one's strength. After three days, Goku manages to catch him and drinks the water. Goku states that he doesn't feel any different and Korin reveals that it is just normal water and the work he did to get it made him stronger.

Goku and Tao once more battle and when Tao throws a grenade at Goku, he kicks it back at him and defeats Tao. Goku promises Upa that he will defeat the Red Ribbon Army and bring his father back to life. Goku reaches the army's hedquarters and takes out several soldiers. Staff Officer Black kills Commander Red after learning the only reason they were gathering the drafon balls was for Red to become taller. Black fights Goku with a giant robot and is killed by Goku. After defeating Black, Goku has destroyed the whole Red Ribbon Army and gathered all but one of the dragon balls when he meets up with Master Roshi, Yamcha, Krillin, Upa, and Puar to go to Fortuneteller Baba's place because the dragon radar is broken.

Untitled (117)

Goku vs Bandages the Mummy

To find out where the dragon ball is, they have to fight Baba's five warriors, Fangs the Vampire, The Invisible Man, Bandages the Mummy, Spike the Devilman, and a mystery fighter. After Fangs the Vampire defeats Krillin and Bandages the Mummy takes down Yamcha, Goku is defeats Bandages the Mummy and Spike the Devilman. When Goku fights the last fighter, both he and Master Roshi feel like they know him from somewhere. After Goku defeats him it is revealed that the fighter is Grandpa Gohan who was brought back to life for a day. Baba reveals that Emperor Pilaf has the dragon ball and Goku fights him and his assistants Shu and Mai in their robot made from their smaller robots. After Goku defeats them he summons Shenron and brings Bora back to life.

Before the next World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku explores the world to become stronger. He meets a girl named Chao whose village is under attack by two bandits named Terror and Plague. Terror and Plague have the Gourd of Mist which sucks people inside and eventually turns them into water that gives the drinker their power if the victim fail to respond to their name being called. Goku is sucked inside but does not touch the bottom so he is able to jump out and trap the bandits inside. However, he gives the gourd to the villagers and lets them go.

Later, Goku stumbles into a city and meets a man named Shoken Taiken, son of the owner of Chin-Star School of martial arts, and is accused of stealing the wallet of Rising Dragon, a leader of the Chin-Star School's rival, Panther-Fang School. His father, Chin Taiken, fights Rising Dragon's goons to regain his son's and his school's honor but becomes sick. After seeing how powerful Goku is, he asks him to take his place at King Wonton's Martial Arts Competition against Sky Dragon, Rising Dragon's brother. Goku defeats Sky Dragon and Chin is named martial arts master. After this the two schools put aside their differences and Goku leaves.

Goku arrives at Fiend Village where a demon has kidnapped Princess Misa. He travels to the Demon Realm where Misa is to be married to a powerful demon king named Shula. Goku meets the demons Gola and Melee, the guards of the inner entrance to the demon world and is about to fight Gola when Melee tells him to stop because of Goku's strength. Melee gives Goku he chance to turn back but lets him in where he rescues Misa. Goku fires a kamehameha wave that blinds the demon king and allows him and Misa to escape. Shula and the demons chase him until Gola and Melee stop them. Goku closes the gate between the Demon Realm and Earth and Melee states that now only those with a special key will be able to pass. Goku then returns Princess Misa, who appears to have a crush on him.

Goku  meets a boar-butterfly-deer named InoShikaCho who was raised by Master Roshi's former friend before it turned rogue.InoShikaCho was first defeated by Tien Shinhan, a three-eyed man, and Chiaotzu, a small

Goku and InoShikaCho

white man with red cheeks (although their names were not revealed at that point), however Goku  soon discovered that this was all an act and that the three of them were working together — InoShikaCho would begin a village rampage and then Tien and Chiaotzu would pretend to defeat it in order to reap the rewards from the grateful villagers. Goku exposed the plot the second time they tried it, by tickling the 'corpse' to prove that the creature is still alive. When Tien turned this around by planting fire beneath the creature, who was tied up, to prove that Goku is in on the plot, the ever-compassionate boy rescued the creature, and in turn InoShikaCho protected him from the angered villagers who had fallen for Tien's ploy. Goku convinced InoShikaCho to apologize and the creature stayed in the village to help with the farming.

When the three years until the next martial arts tournament are up, Goku travels to Papaya Island where it will be held and saves Konkichi, a green fox, from three thugs. Konkichi is grateful and tries to steal Goku a ticket to Papaya Island but fails and is used as a scapegoat by the same thugs as before when they rob a bank. Goku learns that Konkichi is on the run because the three men threatened to beat him up because he owed them money and apprehends the criminals. Konkichi turns his life around and becomes a teacher.

In the tournament Goku defeats King Chappa in the preliminaries and Pamput in the quarterfinals.In the semifinal round he is put against Krillin. During a fierce battle, Goku almost defeats Krillin until he grabs his tail. However, Goku trained his tail and kicks Krillin out of the ring. Goku fights Tien in the finals and is repeatedly paralyzed by Chiaotzu's telekinesis at the orders of Master Shen, their teacher. However, Tien tells Master Shen he wants a fair match. The stage is destroyed by Tien's tri-beam and Goku uses a kamehameha to propel himself into Tien's stomach. They both fall at the same rate, but unfortunately, Goku crashes into a van before Tien hits the ground, losing the tournament. Afterwards, Tien and Chiaotzu decide they no longer want to be assassins.

Directly after the conclusion of the tournament, Goku realizes he forgot his belongings. Krillin offers to get them for him but is killed by Tambourine, the son of King Piccolo. Goku is enraged when he finds out and fights Tambourine but is beaten and his flying nimbus is destroyed for real this time. While recovering, Goku meets Yajirobe, who has a dragon ball. Cymbal, Tambourine's brother, is sent to get the dragon ball, but is killed by Yajirobe. Tambourine senses this and goes for the dragon ball and is killed by Goku. Finally, King Piccolo himself goes after the dragon ball. He temporarily stops Goku's heart and takes the dragon ball.

Afterwards, Yajirobe takes Goku to Korin tower to recover. In the meantime, Tien, Master Roshi, and Chiaotzu fight King Piccolo but all of them except Tien die. King Piccolo gathers the dragon balls and wishes for his youth to be restored then destroys Shenron. King Piccolo then goes to King Furry's palace in an attempt to rule the world.

After healing, Goku sets out on a mission to find the ultra divine water, which either kills the drinker or brings out their hidden potential. Goku survives drinking the water and heads out to stop King Piccolo. Goku defeats King Piccolo's newest son, Drum, with one kick and challenges King Piccolo himself. During an epic battle, King Piccolo is forced to shorten his life span by using his full power and Goku's leg is broken. King Piccolo uses Tien as a hostage and forces Goku to surrender. King Piccolo then Breaks all of Goku's limbs except one of his arms and gets ready to finish off Goku. However, Goku, enraged at his friends' deaths, punches through King Piccolo, killing him. However, unbeknownst to Goku, King Piccolo spits out an egg containing his final son and reincarnation, Piccolo Jr.

After Goku defeats King Piccolo, he goes to Korin Tower, where Korin tells him about Kami's lookout, and that Kami, being the one that created the Dragon Balls, may be able to revive Shenron. Goku overcomes Mr. Popo's (Kami's assistant) challenge of speed and meets Kami. Thinking Kami is King Piccolo, he charges at him but is simply pushed aside. Kami then explains his origins to Goku. Kami is at first reluctant to revive Shenron because he created the dragon balls to reward good deeds, not to be used in selfish ways, but is impressed at Goku's devotion to his friends and revives him anyway. Kami then trains Goku with Mr.Popo until the next World Martial Arts Tournament. During thiis time, Goku's tail is permanantly removed and the moon is restored.

Finally, at the age of eighteen, Goku attends the World Martial Arts Tournament and reunites with his friends. Goku defeats King Chappa once more and fights a female fighter who seems to know who he is. After he defeats her, she reveals herself to be Chichi, who Goku accidently said he would marry. As Goku said he would, he decides to marry her, as he now knows what marriage means. In the semifinals, Goku and Tien have a rematch and seem to be evenly matched until Goku reveals that he was wearing weighted clothing the whole time and defeats him.

In the final match, Goku faces off against Piccolo Jr. Piccolo reveals that he put Kami into a bottle and swallowed

Goku defeating Piccolo

it before the match, meaning that if Goku kills Piccolo, he will also kill Kami. After it is revealed that one of the fighters is the son of King Piccolo, most of the crowd flees. After fighting for a while, Piccolo goes into his giant form and Goku frees Kami. The ring is destroyed and Goku seemingly defeats Piccolo with his meteor combination, but is severly injured when Piccolo blasts a hole in his shoulder. Piccolo proceeds to break all of Goku's limbs and is about to kill him when Goku realizes how to fly and headbutts Piccolo in the chest. Goku, however, lets Piccolo live because Kami and King Piccolo were once the same person and to kill King Piccolo's incarnation would to be destroying Kami and the dragon balls. Kami offers Goku the job of being guardian of Earth in his place but Goku declines Goku and Chichi head to Ox-King's village to prepare for their wedding when the castle catches on fire with Ox-King inside. Goku and Chichi search for the fire eater bird on Mount Kiwi to make a new Bansho fan. they are attacked by a giant lizard, but Goku calms it down by simply petting it. They find a huge egg, which a scientist
Untitled (119)

Goku, Chichi, the scientist, and the fire eater bird

reveals is the last fire-eater bird egg. Emperor Pilaf appears and reveals that he wants to sell the egg at a high price. They fight and the volcano starts to erupt. An adult fire eater bird breaks open the egg and the baby hatches and flies away with the adult. Goku makes a hole in the collapsing mountain so that can all escape. Unfortunately, it is revealed that the instructions were fake. however, the scientist reveas that there is a Bansho fan on Mt. Frappe to the north.  When they arrive, a snowstorm strts and they take shelter at the house of a lady named Grandma Hakkake who tells them that if a lady arrives a snowstorm will start. Goku hears that the snow can put out fires and sets out to get some. Goku meets Emperor Pilaf and his gang again, but a snowstorm starts up. Goku tells them about females and the snowstorms and Pilaf kicks Mai off of the mountain. After a small fight, Shu and Pilaf run away. Unfortunately, the snowball Goku gets melts. When Goku returns, he finds out that Chichi found the fan. Emperor Pilaf tries to steal the fan and waves it but is blown off the island. Hakkake gives Chichi some rare honey and Goku and Chichi go to the castle. Unfortunately, not even the fan can put the fire out. They go to meet Annin, the owner of the magical furnace, which has a hole in it that caused the fire. They meet

Goku fighting Annin

Grandpa Gohan, who is Annin's assistant. Goku wants Annin to turn off the furnace, but she refuses because the steam rising from the furnace creates a fog that is the portal between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead and it would take centuries for the furnace to start up again. Goku and Annin battle and Annin becomes a giant. After discovering that Goku has the Bansho fan, Annin suggests an alternate course of action: by using the fan, Goku can clear a path to the hole and patch it up with the rare honey and a piece of the fire eater bird's eggshell. Despite having a very small chance of succeeding, Goku completes the mission and uses the Bansho fan to put the fire out on Ox-King's castle saving him and his village. Goku and Chichi are finally married.

Dragon Ball ZEdit

Five years after the end of Dragon Ball, Goku and Chichi are married and live in a house on Mt. Paozu with their four year old son Gohan. Goku takes Gohan to Master Roshi's house for a reunion with Bulma, Master Roshi, and Krillin. Soon after, Raditz, Goku's brother, arrives and Goku learns that he is a saiyan. After Goku refuses to join his brother in purging planets, Raditz kidnaps Gohan and Goku teams up with Piccolo to take Raditz down. Sadly, to defeat Raditz, Goku sacrifices himself.

As two more saiyans will arrive in one year, King Yemma, the judge of the dead, allows Goku to travel down Snake Way in the afterlife to train with King Kai. Unfortunately, Goku ends up falling off into the underworld. After defeating Goz and Mez in tests of strength and speed and stealing and eating a special fruit, Goku takes a secret stairway that leads back to King Yemma's desk drawer, having to start over again.
Images (8

Princess Snake and Goku

While traveling on Snake Way, Goku sees a castle which he believes is the home of King Kai. It is actually the home of Princess Snake, the queen of Snake Way. She tries to seduce him and gives him drugged food and a bath to try to stall him. After giving him a glass of juice with enough drugs to knock out an elephant, she looks into his dreams and finds out he is married and has a kid. She then decides to eat him and reveals that the whole time he was in her stomach. Goku flies out of her mouth and ties her into a knot in her snake form before continuing down Snake Way.

When Goku reaches the end of Snake Way he sees a planet above him and jumps towards it. However, when he gets close, he notices the gravityis different than Earth's gravity and falls and has a difficult time getting up. He sees a monkey and immediately thinks he is King Kai. "King Kai" starts walking around with his hands above his head making strange noises. Goku thinks this is part of the training and does so too. However, the real King Kai shows up and reveals that it is just his pet monkey Bubbles. King Kai says that he will only train Goku if he can tell him a joke that makes him laugh. Goku tells him three funny jokes but it is revealed that King Kai dudn't know that Goku wanted martial arts training and tells him that his first real test is to catch his monkey Bubbles, a difficult task with the gravity 10x that of Earth. However, after several weeks Goku succeeds in doing this. His next test is to whack Gregory, King Kai's giant talking cricket, on the head with a mallet. In trying to do this, Goku smashes King Kai's prized possession, his car. After a few more weeks, Goku taps Gregory on the head, saying that if he hit him any harder he would badly hurt the insect. After Gregory tells him that wouldn't be possible, Goku points out that he now has a giant lump on his head. King Kai remarks that not only is  Goku strong enough to perform the kaioken, but he is pure enough to use the spirit bomb, which gathers energy from every living thing on the planet to make an extremely powerful attack.

After the year has passed, Goku has learned the kaioken and the spirit bomb. Goku is wished back to life, but King Kai forgot that he will have to travel down Snake Way to meet Kami to get back to Earth. Even though Goku is stronger and it takes him only one or two days to reach Kami, by the time he arrives at the battlefield Yamcha was killed by a saibaman, Chiaotzu died from a failed self destruction attempt, Tien died from overusing his

Goku using the kaioken against Vegeta

tribeam attack, and Piccolo sacrificed himself for Gohan. Since Piccolo died, Kami and the dragon balls also are gone. Goku uses the kaioken, which doubles the user's power for a short amount of time, to paralyze the saiyan Nappa and tells the other saiyan, Prince Vegeta, that Nappa probably won't be able to fight anymore and to leave the planet in peace. However, Vegeta kills Nappa for being useless and Goku battles him in a rocky wasteland. Goku is forced to use the kaioken x3 and even x4. Vegeta uses an energy ball that mimics the moon to transform into a great ape and begins to crush Goku. Gohan and Krillin help him and Yajirobe cuts off Vegeta's tail. Goku is unable to fight and gives half the energy he earlier collected for a failed spirit bomb to Krillin, who misses. Fortunately, Gohan is pure of heart and bounces it back at Vegeta. Vegeta, however, is still alive and is about to kill them when Gohan's tail grows back, he sees the enegy ball, and transforms. Vegeta manages to cut off his tail but is badly wounded. Goku begs Krillin to let Vegeta go and Krillin reluctantly agrees. Chichi, Bulma, Master Roshi, and Korin arrive to pick up their friends' bodies, pick up Yajirobe, and take Goku, Gohan, and Krillin to the hospital. On the way, Krillin recalls hearing Vegeta call Piccolo a namekian and has a theory that there are dragon balls on his home planet, meaning there is a way to bring their friends back to life. While Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma go to Namek, Goku has to stay behind, as he has not yet recovered from his injuries. However, he learns that there are enemies even more powerful than Vegeta on planet Namek. After getting out of the hospital he immediately injures himself in a training accident and has to go back to the hospital. Later, Korin's senzu beans have finished growing an sends Yajirobe to give them to Goku. Goku eats one and recovers and then goes to Bulma's house where her dad is turning his old space pod into a larger spaceship.
Untitled (6)

Goku defeated Recoome with one blow

After blasting off into space, King Kai telepathically allows him to talk to Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu and warns Goku not to fight a being named Frieza because he is too powerful. Goku uses the spaceship's gravity controls to train in up to 100x Earth's gravity by the time he arrives on Namek, drastically increasing his power level. He arrives to see that Gohan and Krillin teamed up with Vegeta to take down the Ginyu Force, Frieza's most powerful warriors, and that they were beaten by Recoome. Goku heals them with senzu beans and takes Recoome down with one blow. Goku then defeats Jeice and Burter, but leaves them alive. Jeice escapes and Vegeta kills Recoome and Burter, upsetting Goku. Jeice returns with Captain Ginyu and Vegeta and Goku prepare to face them.

Right before they battle Captain Ginyu, Vegeta flies off to gather the dragon balls so he can wish for immortality.Goku uses the kaioken technique and Ginyu, realizing Goku is stronger than he is, injures himself. Goku, startled, gives Ginyu enough time to use his body swapping technique. Ginyu, in Goku's body, goes after Krillin and Gohan, who left before the battle and have found the dragon balls. Goku, injured and in Ginyu's body, goes after them, but Ginyu's body was never trained to sense power levels. When Goku finds them, Krillin and Gohan have realized Ginyu wasn't Goku. Gohan is noticibly upset at the thought of having Captain Ginyu's body as his father. Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan beat Ginyu in Goku's body after Ginyu realizes he can't use Goku's power because they are not in sync. Ginyu tries to swap bodies with Vegeta, but Goku jumps in front of him and gets his body back, though severely injured. Ginyu once more tries to swap bodies with Vegeta, but Goku throws a frog in the way. Goku says that he can't hurt anyone now, and Vegeta agrees to let him live just because he finds the idea of Ginyu as a frog hilarious. Goku is put in a healing tank inside Frieza's abandoned ship and Vegeta once more teams up with them, this time to fight Frieza.

By the time Goku is fully healed, Piccolo is revived and Frieza has killed Dende, an ally and friend of Krillin and Gohan's, and has beaten Vegeta nearly to death. Goku arrives in time to watch Vegeta shed tears for the first
Untitled (8)

Goku buries Vegeta after he is killed by Frieza

time in his life and beg Goku to avenge their race. Vegeta then is killed and Goku reveals that he was always amazed at Vegeta's pride and asks him to lend him some of his pride. Goku is ready to fight Frieza and Frieza is shocked to find out that not only did another saiyan survive but that Goku looks almost exactly like Bardock, a saiyan who rebeled against him and is, in fact, Goku's father. What follows is an extremely long and brutal battle that ends with Goku supposedly killing Frieza with a spirit bomb. However, Frieza returns with only minor injury and attempts to kill Goku with a death beam. Piccolo realizes what Frieza is trying to do and takes the damage instead, living him critically wounded but still very much alive. Goku then tells Gohan and Krillin to get Piccolo and Bulma (who was far away from the battlefield) and get to Goku's ship. But before they can escape, Frieza uses telekinesis to lift Krillin into the air and sause him to explode. Goku is enraged and devastated at the death of his best friend, as Krillin was already revived once by the Earth dragon balls, and explodes with rage. Goku undergoes the violent transformation into a super saiyan and tells Gohan to get Bulma and take her and Piccolo to his spaceship. Gohan, Frieza and Goku then realize that Goku has become a super saiyan, the warrior of legend.

During the battle with Frieza, the newly revived Earth dragon balls are used to bring back everyone that Frieza and his minions killed and everyone on Namek was transported to Earth except for Frieza and Goku, who said that he would never forgive them if he wasn't allowed to finish the battle. In the end, Frieza is defeated and Goku has very little time to escape before the planet explodes. Goku attempts to use Frieza's ship, but it is unable to fly. Instead, Goku finds a spacepod and desperately presses buttons trying to start it. He barely escapes, injured from his battle with Frieza, and crash lands on planet Yardrat, where he is nursed back to health by the kind Yardratians, given new clothes, and is taught a technique called instant transmission.

When Goku arrives back on Earth, he meets a man named Trunks, who tells him that he is a super saiyan and
Untitled (4)

Goku and Trunks as super saiyans.

the son of Bulma and Vegeta from the future. Three years from now, two androids created by Dr. Gero, a scientist from the Red Ribbon Army, will kill all of the Z Warriors (which now includes Vegeta as an ally) except for Gohan, who lives several years longer and trains Trunks, and Goku, who dies of a deadly heart virus. Trunks gives Goku a cure for the heart virus that only exists in the future and leaves. Goku tells the others about the androids and they decide to train for three years. During that time, Chichi forces Goku and Piccolo to learn how to drive a car.

Three years later, the androids, Android 19 and Android 20, appear and attack a city. When Goku suggests they fight elsewhere because of all of the people in the city, Android 20 wipes out the city's inhabitants, which enrages Goku. They go to a deserted area and Goku battles Android 19. However, in the middle of the battle, the symptoms of Goku's heart virus appear and he is greatly weakened and defeated by Android 19. Before Android 19 can kill hm, Vegeta, who is now a super saiyan, interferes because he wants to be the one to kill Goku. Yamcha, who was earlier attacked by the androids, offers to take him home to get the medicine and so that Goku can recover for the disease. When he gets home, he has strange dreams.

When it is discovered that the androids they encountered were not the androids Trunks was talking about and that the androids that Trunks had warned them about were released, Goku is moved to Master Roshi's house to buy them more time until the androids found Goku. While he is sick, Androids 19 and 20 were destroyed and Android 17 and Android 18 were released, along with Android 16, who apparently did not exist in Trunks' timeline. Piccolo also discovered a creature called Cell, an android created with the DNA of the planet's greatest fighters and the DNA of Frieza and his his father.

When Goku finally recovers from his illness, most of the Z fighters have been warned about Cell. Goku reveals that he saw everything that happened and has plans for Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, and himself to train in the Hyperbolic time chamber on Kami's lookout, where a year inside is only a day outside. Vegeta and Trunks go in first while Goku and Gohan watch the battle between first Piccolo and Android 17, then Piccolo and the androids fighting Cell. Cell absorbs 17 and transforms. When Piccolo is supposedly killed, Gohan wants to save his mentor, but Goku intervenes, as he couldn't let his son die. However, after Tien uses all his energy to defeat Cell, Goku uses instant transmission to save him and discovers that Piccolo is still alive too and saves him as well.

When Vegeta and Trunks emerge from the hyperbolic time chamber, Goku and Gohan go in and train. Gohan becomes a super saiyan and both Gohan and Goku learn to control their super saiyan powers. Whe they come out, the are told that Cell absorbed Android 18 and has reached his perfect form. Cell has declared that he will hold a tournament in ten days and that they have that much time to prepare. The winner will determine the fate of the planet and all of the inhabitants of Earth.


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